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  • fix it Open
    Gray Rd Cincinnati, OH - Winton Place
    potholes everywhere
  • 2516-2598 Brestel Rd Cincinnati, OH 45214, USA - South Fairmount
    the lack of maintenance is obvious with one trip up Brestel road .if you don't wreck or damage you car on the less than one mile road
  • 1661 Fairway Dr Lawrenceburg, IN - Hidden Valley
    The bad drainage system from Hidden Valley Lake constantly floods front and back yards. Despite being asked to fix it they so far have done nothing and left yard a muddy mess. The ground around the big drain in the front yard is also now collapsing.
  • bumpy road Archived
    1601-1627 Hudepohl Ln Cincinnati, OH 45231, USA - Hamilton County
    this area could use some resurfacing.
  • Cross County Hwy Cincinnati, OH - Finneytown
  • Southeast Park 346 Doan St, Wilmington, OH 45177, USA - Wilmington
    when is our city going to do something about these homeless drug addicts camping right next to the bike trail/park? its getting old. cant even take my children to play or go on walks without running across these idiots.
  • 7600-7898 U.S. 27 White Oak, OH 45239, USA - White Oak
  • bumpy road Archived
    9601-9771 U.S. 127 Springfield, OH 45231, USA - Hamilton County
    this area could use some resurfacing.
  • Other Archived
    3113 Balsam Ct Edgewood, KY 41017, USA - Edgewood
    Storm drain in back of our house is clogged with trees, brush and tree stumps, etc. My husband has tried to clear it out many times (as the city has not) but it is too much for him. City attempted to "fix" it by cutting up some trees and logs but not hauling anything out. Now it is worse and getting worse during each bad rain. In parts of our backyard the water is at least 15 feet deep and came within 1
    inch of flooding neighbor's basement.
  • 6911 Boake Alley Cincinnati, OH 45216, USA - Carthage
    pot holes all the way up it
  • Other Archived
    5401–5419 Taylor Mill Rd Taylor Mill 41015, United States - Taylor Mill
    Taylor Mill Road needs more radar so many speeding cars and some noise control on some of the kids cars would be great!
  • 585 Paris Ave Wilmington 45177, United States - Wilmington
    The 3 houses at the dead end of Paris are in horrible conditions trash weeds grass bushes