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  • Grass and Weeds Acknowledged
    303 Michael Ave Hamilton, OH 45011, USA - Hamilton
    edge of the yard is over grown with grass/weeds. it is growing through each perimeter fence line.
  • Tree Issues Acknowledged
    750 Millikin St Hamilton, OH, 45013, USA - Hamilton
    Tree limb has snapped but still attached to the tree. And their is also another limb that is hanging but still attached to tree.
  • Grass and Weeds Acknowledged
    31 Millville Ave Hamilton 45013, United States - Hamilton
    High grass
  • Rt 50 MILFORD, OH - Clermont County
  • 5615 Beechmont Ave Cincinnati, Ohio - Mount Washington
    AVOID AT ALL COST at least 50 + huge potholes
  • 131 Fairborn Dr Hamilton 45013, United States - Hamilton
    The concrete of the sewer drain at the corner of Fairborn and Sunny Brook is crumbling/falling apart.
  • Martin Luther King In Front Of Hospital Cincinnati, OH - Central Business District
    pot hole I could fit a small child in
  • 218 Urban St Hamilton 45013, United States - Hamilton
    Again tonight these people are back in this house. After this issue was closed for some reason, because it clearly isn’t resolved.
  • Parks Archived
    1348 East Ave Hamilton 45011, United States - Hamilton
    We are getting a lot of foot traffic in the alley that sits against Jefferson Park. We have people going through garbage and leaving a mess. There is also a lot of activity under the play structure just on the other side of this fence and kids continuing to play on the equipment.
  • 1124 Greenwood Ave Hamilton, OH 45011, USA - Hamilton
    Asphalt patch has become a trench
  • 3570 Pleasant Ave Hamilton 45015, United States - Hamilton
    This address keeps getting the trash from the neighborhood dumped in the parking lot and has become a skate park
  • 210 Urban St Hamilton 45013, United States - Hamilton
    This guy that lives here is a drug dealer
    Supplies heroine to these people that break into the abandoned property at 218 urban street on a daily basis.
    For some reason this issue was closed with no resolution.