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  • Daly Avenue Cincinnati, OH - Finneytown
    On Daly between NBend Road and Daly to Galbraith and Daly
  • Other Archived
    360 Terebet Ct Edgewood, Kentucky - Edgewood
    House continues to be in disrepair. The drive has been like this for 6 months. Windows siding and gutter falling off the house. Trash left outside and in the yard
  • Graffiti Closed
    502 Heaton St Hamilton, OH, 45011, USA - Hamilton
    Since the couple have been "living" on the corner the entire side of the building is now is spray painted. It's ridiculous that they are permitted to live on the corner.
  • 8207 Lake Ave Cincinnati, OH 45236, USA - Deer Park
    There are 3 schools within a short distance of my house and people coming down my street doesnt even stop at the stop sign they just blow on thru it as if it wasn't there . these children that are getting out of school in the afternoon are in danger of getting ran over my these people that don't stop . the police do patrol the area but i never see one sitting and watching the stop sign when school is letting out or any other time . they could make alot of fine money just sitting and watching this stop sign that's how bad it is.
  • 421 E Vine St Wilmington 45177, United States - Wilmington
  • 58 E Vine St Wilmington, OH, 45177, USA - Wilmington
    the house is abandoned and is delapidated. gutters and downspouts are falling off, 3rd floor door open since January 2019, trash and stolen bike in side yard,overgrown trees, shrubs, grass, weeds, animals seen on property include possum,mice, skunks, there is peeling paint and collapsing soffitts
  • 1025 S South St Wilmington, OH 45177, USA - Wilmington
    you cant see vehicles coming down 68 when you pull out of Jodi lane due to Bush overgrowth.
  • 149 E Locust St Wilmington 45177, United States - Wilmington
    I walked the area with City Admin. Marian Miller who indicated this portion is the City’s and it can be ground down to level easily.
  • 156 E Vine St Wilmington, OH 45177, USA - Wilmington
    House is in general disrepair and lawn has been ignored.
  • 519 Heaton St Hamilton, OH, 45011, USA - Hamilton
    What is Hamilton Ohio becoming?! I was going eastbound on Heaton Street and spotted a tent tucked into the corner of a parking lot visible to all including the fleet of police cars coming across the tracks. (Who owns this lot?) There were multiple people coming and going from the site. I thought to myself "What a pity" till I realize two of the people were known drug dealers/users. As I passed by I also noticed the woman with a cast on her leg squatting to urinate right out in the open in broad daylight with no regard to the children that live and play in the area. If this is how the city lets this be I don't don't see how it could possibly be thriving. These people have made the choice of Drugs over well being. No neighborhood can be safe like this
  • 519 Heaton St Hamilton 45011, United States - Hamilton
    Homeless camp near the train tracks with drug deals and prostitution going on in it and people using the bathroom in the open please get rid of this.
  • 1150 Sylvan Dr Wilmington 45177, United States - Wilmington