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  • 404 N Walnut St Wilmington 45177, United States - Wilmington
    Trees growing into walkway/roadway. Also tall weeds around fence/alleyway. Property is poorly maintained.
  • 641 Xenia Ave Wilmington, OH, 45177, USA - Wilmington
    Picture taken from my backyard at 557 N South Street. Looks like a junk yard to me!
  • 156 E Vine St Wilmington, OH 45177, USA - Wilmington
    House is in general disrepair and lawn has been ignored.
  • 58 E Vine St Wilmington, OH, 45177, USA - Wilmington
    the house is abandoned and is delapidated. gutters and downspouts are falling off, 3rd floor door open since January 2019, trash and stolen bike in side yard,overgrown trees, shrubs, grass, weeds, animals seen on property include possum,mice, skunks, there is peeling paint and collapsing soffitts
  • 1025 S South St Wilmington, OH 45177, USA - Wilmington
    you cant see vehicles coming down 68 when you pull out of Jodi lane due to Bush overgrowth.
  • 421 E Vine St Wilmington 45177, United States - Wilmington
  • 502 Heaton St Hamilton, OH 45011, USA - Hamilton
    Really would like to be able to let my kids play in my yard but can not. Why you ask...well the homeless have moved 502 Heaton because they were told they couldn't sleep at the park anymore. Furthermore they have been recognized as the people who were evicted from the upstairs apartment at 519 Heaton street. Why is it acceptable for them to sleep on a sidewalk yell obscenities all night long and continue to urinate and poop all over bushes and sidewalks where law abiding citizens live and work. Please tell me what makes the above the law. Last night I watched as police drove by and did nothing. Its a disgrace to see this everyday. Something has to be done and by gosh something will be done if I have to attend city meetings 17 strong meetings and neighborhood watch meetings these vagrants the drugs and the filth they bring will be off Heaton street. Breaking news covid 19 has been known to spread through fecal matter. please get this issue taken care of for the well being of the city.
  • 111 E Locust St Wilmington, OH, 45177, USA - Wilmington
    Trailer full of junk and trash right off the alley between Locust and Columbus, east of Walnut Street, behind the First Christian Church.
  • Road Signs Archived
    12–70 Peterson Pl Wilmington OH 45177, United States - Wilmington
    There are No Parking Signs on our street today - what is that for ?
  • 101 Compton Ln Wilmington, OH 45177, USA - Wilmington
    broken grate, could puncture tire
  • 45002 Cleves, OH, USA - Hamilton County
    East Miami River Rd. from Harrison Ave. heading north is really getting terrible. Frequent patching has just made the situation worse. It's only really bad from Harrison to maybe a mile in.
  • 13 Peterson Pl Wilmington 45177, United States - Wilmington