Milwaukee County Transit System

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Watching issues created after: 2011-03-19

"The mission of the Milwaukee County Transit System is to provide reliable, convenient and safe public transportation services that efficiently and effectively meet the varied travel needs of the community and contribute to the quality of life in Milwaukee County." -- Milwaukee County Transit System 2009 Annual Report.

Total Number of Bus Shelters - 842. Total Number of Bus Stops - 5,539.

Notified About

  • 91st Street Goodhope To Capital Milwaukee WI 53225, USA - Vogel Park
    91st street down and around timmerman airport to 92nd capital road is horrible with pot holes and has been for over 2yrs. BUT THEY HAVE STARTED LANDSCAPING THE MEDIAN AND ADDING FLOWERS SO WHEN YOU GET ANOTHER FLAT YOU'LL HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOK AT WHILE YOU WAIT FOR A TOW
  • S 13th St Oak Creek, WI 53154, USA - Oak Creek
    All 13th street from Ryan Rd until like college needs to be fixed asap!!! It is extremely bumpy!!!
  • 5433 W Oklahoma Ave Milwaukee, WI 53219, USA - Lyons Park
    Oklahoma avenue from 50th to 76th st is horrible and it's been like that for almost 2 yrs.
  • 3300 S. 60th St. Milwaukee - Lyons Park
    S. 60th Street from I-894 north all the way to Oklahoma is terrible! Needs to be entirely repaved.
  • Terrible road Archived
    8737 W Lisbon Ave Milwaukee, WI 53222, USA - Kops Park
    Lisbon Ave from 76th st to 100th st both east and west bound lanes are in horrible condition. Road heaving and severe bumps in road.
  • 8100 W Morgan - Highwood Estates
    bumpy road with potholes
  • Interstate 794 Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA - Continental US
    potholes potholes and patches patching patches.
  • 815 E Locust St Milwaukee, WI 53212 - Riverwest

    Loud music you can hear inside your house half a block away, patrons who are loud and disruptive when coming and going - hanging out by their cars, shouting across the street & talking very loud outside (often vulgar), illegal parking by patrons AND staff. Litter all over the 800 block of Locust including liquor and beer bottles, "blunt wrapper" & cigar packages, bar napkins, broken glass (bar glasses or ashtrays), fast food garbage. Fighting & bumping car stereos outside, hanging out after hours (outside AFAIK), speeding & reckless driving, and who knows what else. Staff has been unresponsive and sometimes rude if confronted on these issues.

    I don't mind what sort of music they play, or what clientele they cater to as long as they are respectful to the neighborhood - so far it's NOT the case.

  • 6558 S.13th St Oak Creek WI, 53154 - College Heights
    Road is falling apart needs to be resurfaced!!!!
  • 2687-2775 Wisconsin 38 Trunk Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA - Bay View
    the potholes on chase street is an eyesore. people on bikes have a hard time riding down this street, the potholes leads from oklahoma ave. to lincoln ave... the loose rocks could hurt someone when a car runs it over.
  • 6757 S 13th St Milwaukee, WI 53221, USA - College Heights
    Need new road from Rawson to College Ave. This road has been in bad shape for a very long time
  • 3485-3499 N 79th St Milwaukee, WI 53222, USA - Nash Park
    The streets has been patch and repatched and road is getting worst. We pay high property taxes in this area and all our streets should be drivable.