Milwaukee County Transit System

Open Issues: 795 Closed Issues: 4 707 Acknowledged Issues: 349
Watching issues created after: 2011-03-19

"The mission of the Milwaukee County Transit System is to provide reliable, convenient and safe public transportation services that efficiently and effectively meet the varied travel needs of the community and contribute to the quality of life in Milwaukee County." -- Milwaukee County Transit System 2009 Annual Report.

Total Number of Bus Shelters - 842. Total Number of Bus Stops - 5,539.

Notified About

  • Unsightly Home Acknowledged
    4275 S 35th St Milwaukee, WI, 53221, USA - Greenfield
    Grass and weeds in some areas and backyard full of vehicles and junk
  • 600 Mackinac Ave South Milwaukee, Wisconsin - South Milwaukee 2nd District
    We need a stop sign added to 6th and Mackinac Avenues. During Baseball season and summer break there are way too many people, children especially in the area. Drivers are driving way too fast and can’t see when there are a lot of vehicles parked on both sides of the street.
  • 6918 W Edgerton Ave Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    Many inoperable vehicles in driveway. MANY inoperable snowmobiles, jet skis in yard. Yard resembles a junk yard
  • 3610 South 33rd Street Greenfield, WI 53221, United States of America - Greenfield
    Entire Lynndale neighborhood has been without street lights for 3 consecutive nights! This is ridiculous, especially considering all of the auto break-ins we experience. Why hasn't this issue been resolved?
  • Graffiti Archived
    Half Price Books Records Magazins 5032 S 74th St Milwaukee, WI, 53220, USA - Greenfield
    Stickers and a variety of Vandalism is on both sides of the Mailbox near Half Price Books as it is a big eyesore to see as i go past there when i have stuff to sell
  • 1521 Cherry St South Milwaukee, WI 53172, USA - South Milwaukee 4th District
    alley is full of ice
  • S 35th St & W Lynndale Ave Milwaukee, WI, 53221, USA - Greenfield
    Never moves, expired tags.
  • 815 E Glenbrook Rd Milwaukee, WI, 53217, USA - Bayside
    Eastern Redbud
  • 3720 W Howard Avenue Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    Property owners leave bird feed on the ground. This attracts squirrels, mice, moles, ducks, geese etc. into our yard.
  • 3550 S 120 Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    Repeated violations for over 9 years. Last reported on Feb. 27, 2019. Why can't city get this person to comply?
    Violation of code 29.16, par. G, sec. 1. non-operating and non licensed vehicles on driveway for over 5 months.
    Violation of Chapter 11.06 (1) (B-1) (F)
    Resident has been made aware of this issue many times and choses not to comply.
  • 3660 South 33rd Street Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    Pole label reads '10B19'
  • 3411 W Grange Ave Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    Light has been out since last week, please fix asap. Block gets very dark after 4:30PM. Thank you.