Milwaukee County Transit System

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"The mission of the Milwaukee County Transit System is to provide reliable, convenient and safe public transportation services that efficiently and effectively meet the varied travel needs of the community and contribute to the quality of life in Milwaukee County." -- Milwaukee County Transit System 2009 Annual Report.

Total Number of Bus Shelters - 842. Total Number of Bus Stops - 5,539.

Notified About

  • 2320 N Holton St Milwaukee, WI - Riverwest

    It's been a dump a long time. This whole intersection is TERRIBLE. If you agree, tell:

    Alderwoman Coggs (414) 286-2221

    Alderman Kovac (414) 286-2221

    If you would like to organize with other nearby residents to get Holton and North cleaned up up, email

  • 4670 S 49th St Greenfield, WI 53220, USA - Greenfield
  • 1616 Milwaukee Ave South Milwaukee 53172 United States - South Milwaukee 4th District
  • 2813 N Humboldt Blvd Milwaukee, WI 53212, USA - Riverwest

    My 97 Honda's driver side door lock was been broken by a screwdriver last Thursday or Friday night Dec 4-5. My next door neighbor's car was also broken into and the steering column stripped about 2 weeks before. We are on the 2800 block of Humboldt in the alley.

    Both cars are older model, not desirable cars so we were both surprised by the attempted theft. I think the same person broke my lock less dramatically about 6 weeks ago and came back to try again. All of our cars are now wearing Clubs. If anyone else is having these problems - let the police know and maybe they will increase patrols.

  • 4602 S 20th St Milwaukee, WI - Castle Manor
    Patch of road on right lane and patch of road in curb lane is really rough and causes increased breaking distance to enter the wilson park garden apartments. many people swerve around it to turn in and thus distrupts traffic flow. This area should be repaved not just patched up. and now with increased constrution traffic flow along 20th street i believe that the road will get worse.
  • 1054 S 108th St West Allis, WI 53214, USA - West Allis
    the left turn lane for Theo Trecker from Hwy 100 northbound has a large pothole. even driving slowly this causes my traction control to engage every time I hit it. It's large enough that it is difficult to avoid while remaining appropriately in the turn lane.
  • 2209 N 49th St Milwaukee, WI 53208, USA - Washington Heights
    house has holes in roof,took pics to the city,house has raze order but city wont do anything .house has been empty,siding striped,broken windows.
    just look up this address and you will read everything and you decide if the city is lying on public records.
  • 3720 W Howard Avenue Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    Property owners leave bird feed on the ground. This attracts squirrels, mice, moles, ducks, geese etc. into our yard.
  • 513-515 S 70th St Milwaukee, WI 53214, USA - Fair Park
    Pot holes on both sides of the streets, very rough! Lines can hardly be seen. Past Main Street going South you cant even see the lanes go up and down.
  • 3660 South 33rd Street Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    Pole label reads '10B19'
  • 6048 S 36th St Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    This house has a lawn care business being ran from it. Company trucks are all being parked at the residence (3 trucks , 3 trailers, 4 vehicles and more,) all with the company logo. Employee's are also, parked there and on the street.
  • 3411 W Grange Ave Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    Light has been out since last week, please fix asap. Block gets very dark after 4:30PM. Thank you.