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"The mission of the Milwaukee County Transit System is to provide reliable, convenient and safe public transportation services that efficiently and effectively meet the varied travel needs of the community and contribute to the quality of life in Milwaukee County." -- Milwaukee County Transit System 2009 Annual Report.

Total Number of Bus Shelters - 842. Total Number of Bus Stops - 5,539.

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  • Safety Acknowledged
    3832 W Howard Ave Greenfield WI 53221, USA - Greenfield
    The neighbors of zablocki Park are asking for law enforcement to please do more routine patrolling and traffic stops along Howard Avenue between 35th and 43rd Street. Now that school has started and we are now having buses pick up our children in the morning and in the evenings this stretch of road has become an extremely dangerous problem. Drivers of this road are showing no regard towards the speed limit or stopping for the bus that are picking up the children and parents using this area.. The vehicles do not stop for the buses or acknowledge their signs they simply speed around and cause a great threat and danger to our families. The bus drivers themselves have told us that this area is particularly bad and they are at wit's end of what to do. Please help us to solve this issue before harm is caused by a reckless driver. Thank you
  • 834 E Glencoe Pl Milwaukee, WI, 53217, USA - Bayside
    Hi Mr Pederson ,
    > We have a tree with dead branches overhanging the street. Could someone look at it and tell us if it belongs to the Village? It needs to be pruned for safety reasons.
    > The tree is on the east side of our corner lot on Greenvale and Glencoe.
    > If it does not belong to the Village then we will have it pruned.
    > Thanks a lot.
    > Christine Scotton
    > 414-333-9429
    > Sent from my iPhone
  • 5501-5599 S 43rd St Milwaukee, WI, 53220, USA - Greenfield
    At the intersection of Grange and 43rd St., In front of the Corner Club Bar - as you head south on 43rd through the intersection, the road is incredibly rough and torn up for a good distance. Needs more than patching.
  • 2304 4th Ave South Milwaukee, WI, 53172, USA - South Milwaukee 1st District
    Black vehicle speeding, loud muffler probably a muffler modification. 4am been more than 5 times reported on this vehicle.
  • 4370 So. 60 Th St. Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    light is out in front of house......
  • 1701 Madison Ave South Milwaukee, WI, 53172, USA - South Milwaukee 4th District
    Used/Waste tires.
  • 3640 W Mangold Ave Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    We have major pothole damage at the end of our driveway. Besides getting issues with our cars, it also become a major issue with standing water that can reach out over 54" wide from the end of our concrete out in the road when it rains, but we also have major issues in the winter where we get standing frozen water that has no where to go or drain. This is an issue that needs to be addressed soon please.
  • 3205 W Grange Avenue Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    property at 3205 W Grange Ave, Greenfield (private culdesac) has cut a ditch sending water onto St Charles Borromeo property.
  • 8431 W. Denver Ave. - Menomonee River Hills
    Street is in terrible shape. Big cracks, potholes, ect. Their are a majority of home owners that live on this street, and should not look this way. Not only is it bad for your vehicle, but not a useful selling tool.
  • Pothole Archived
    9287 N Fairway Dr Milwaukee, WI, 53217, USA - Bayside
    There was no category for tree or yarn so added it here. Can this bush (outlined in red) be cut back or removed by the village not to be in the sight line of vision for incoming traffic. This is at a curve (top of Fairway Drive) and it very tough to see around the bend. Please remove this post if this is not a village issue. Thanks.
  • 600 Mackinac Ave South Milwaukee, Wisconsin - South Milwaukee 2nd District
    We need a stop sign added to 6th and Mackinac Avenues. During Baseball season and summer break there are way too many people, children especially in the area. Drivers are driving way too fast and can’t see when there are a lot of vehicles parked on both sides of the street.
  • Other Archived
    819 Williams Ave South Milwaukee 53172, United States - South Milwaukee 2nd District
    Winds out of the SE. Smells like sewage whenever winds are from that direction. What can be done about this?