Milwaukee County Transit System

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"The mission of the Milwaukee County Transit System is to provide reliable, convenient and safe public transportation services that efficiently and effectively meet the varied travel needs of the community and contribute to the quality of life in Milwaukee County." -- Milwaukee County Transit System 2009 Annual Report.

Total Number of Bus Shelters - 842. Total Number of Bus Stops - 5,539.

Notified About

  • 2403 S 9th Pl Milwaukee, WI - Lincoln Village
    Over the last several years there has been many car accidents. The road on 9th place is narrow, and the only street connecting Lincoln to Oaklahoma. Speeding is crazy. Please make everyone stop!
  • U.S. 45 Greenfield, WI 53228, USA - Greenfield
    Starting on I-43 N from Hwy 100, then north on I-894, and continuing north on US 45 to Hwy Q in Germantown, there are 132 burnt out street lights. You'd think with all of the infrastructure Stimulus money we could get a few light bulbs changed:)
  • 3325 W Greenfield Ave Milwaukee, WI 53215, USA - Burnham Park
  • 6801-7519 County Line Rd Milwaukee, WI 53223, USA - Northridge Lakes
    Lots of bumps and deep potholes on the City of Milwaukee/City of Mequon portion of County Line Road.
  • Pothole Archived
    9287 N Fairway Dr Milwaukee, WI, 53217, USA - Bayside
    There was no category for tree or yarn so added it here. Can this bush (outlined in red) be cut back or removed by the village not to be in the sight line of vision for incoming traffic. This is at a curve (top of Fairway Drive) and it very tough to see around the bend. Please remove this post if this is not a village issue. Thanks.
  • 834 E Glencoe Pl Milwaukee, WI, 53217, USA - Bayside
    Hi Mr Pederson ,
    > We have a tree with dead branches overhanging the street. Could someone look at it and tell us if it belongs to the Village? It needs to be pruned for safety reasons.
    > The tree is on the east side of our corner lot on Greenvale and Glencoe.
    > If it does not belong to the Village then we will have it pruned.
    > Thanks a lot.
    > Christine Scotton
    > 414-333-9429
    > Sent from my iPhone
  • 600 Mackinac Ave South Milwaukee, Wisconsin - South Milwaukee 2nd District
    We need a stop sign added to 6th and Mackinac Avenues. During Baseball season and summer break there are way too many people, children especially in the area. Drivers are driving way too fast and can’t see when there are a lot of vehicles parked on both sides of the street.
  • 2758 N Booth St Milwaukee, WI 53212 - Riverwest
  • 5234-5246 S 51st St Greenfield, WI 53220, USA - Greenfield
    On 51st street between Loomis and Grange we need streetlights. Several families walk dogs and travel via the sidewalk. At night the street is very dark and presents a safety concern as you can not see anyone around you unless a car is driving past.
  • 3205 W Grange Avenue Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    property at 3205 W Grange Ave, Greenfield (private culdesac) has cut a ditch sending water onto St Charles Borromeo property.
  • 4370 So. 60 Th St. Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    light is out in front of house......
  • 10835 W Cold Spring Rd Greenfield 53228, United States - Greenfield
    Side walk has not been shoveled. This is not the first time this season the side walk has not been shoveled. They never do it. I have slipped multiple times and fallen once already.