Bella Vista

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The area stretching from Columbus Boulevard (eastern boundary) to Broad Street (west) and from Rodman Street (north) to Wharton Street (south).

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  • 1139 S. 8th Street Philadelphia, Pa - Passyunk Square

    This property has been vacant for years. Windows are in violation of no boarding up law. Side door has been open inviting anyone who wishes to enter. Unsightly, dangerous, and ignored. All too common. JP Morgan bank owns this property. They should pay a bit more attention to it. This is our neighborhood!

    Reported from my mobile device

  • 817 Christian Street Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista
    fiorella's sausage has decided that the loading zone in front of their store is only for their customers, going as far as to claim (untruthfully) that anyone else using the spot will be ticketed.
  • 1300 Block Of Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    Two sandwich boards announcing a furniture sale were fully blocking the bike lane today. Two days ago when I passed by there were also cars double-parked in the bike lane, and I flagged down a police car to let them know and ask them to enforce the bike lane. They seemed mildly interested, but they clearly didn't really scare these guys into changing their behavior.
  • 1155 South 8th Street Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    There is also graphitti on this corner proeprty on the Federal Street side. There has been a violation placed on 1156 South 8th for not having would be great if we could get the same violation here.
  • 709 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista
    Mid-City Tire and Auto blocks 4 public parking spots EVERY NIGHT from ~5PM to ~8AM, then they park there all day.
  • 11th & Rodman Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    all kinds of trash and litter,never picked up
  • Federal St Philadelphia, PA - Wharton-Hawthorne-Bella Vista
    rear loading area of the Oriental Supermarket has open pallet and product storage. Loading trucks back up, over curb, breaking concrete and drain inlets consistently. Rats, smell, etc. Can't they add a fence/shrubs/trees along the rear? Residents have this as their front yard on Federal Street.
  • 831 Ellsworth Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    The gun club did some renovations and they left a lot of trash, skids and glass and misc trash behind their building on Darien street.
  • 700 Bainbridge St Philadelphia, PA 19147 - Bella Vista
    Huge sinking depression at 700 Bainbridge across from bean Exchange
  • 806 E Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Bella Vista
    Street light at 6th and passyunk is out. As usual
  • 755 S 11th St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Bella Vista

    There is a bike lane on the East side of 11th Street from Washington to Fitzwater. Several years ago the city ripped up that side of the street and, when they were finished, the bike lines were not re-painted. So the bike lane lines need to be re-painted so the bike lane is not "invisible".

    Please re-paint these lines!! Thank you.

  • 800 Ellsworth Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    I don't really like having a gun club right behind my house--I can hear the guns constantly. It took me a while to know what it was, having lived there for years. I also notice that when people leave they empty their pockets of their spent ammo on the street, bullet casings all over the place. I think it doesn't belong in a residential area. Now with the recent attempted suicide, this isn't the first time something awful has happened here and others in the city. I know it doesn't happen often but still I don't think it belongs in a residential area. We had some issues with this building anyway, cleaning up and trash etc and they have done better but the noise which is constant and now the attempted suicide, it just isn't safe. You can just go there and get a gun and ammo. One young man went into a bathroom at another place and died. you can just walk around with your gun? you can borrow guns there?
    Suicide attempt fails at South Philadelphia gun range

    By Phillip Lucas
    Daily News Staff Writer

    Philadelphia Daily News

    A 26-YEAR-OLD man remains in critical condition after attempting suicide at the Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club in South Philadelphia Monday afternoon, police said.

    Police and medics responded to the club on Ellsworth Street near 9th about 1:45 p.m. The unidentified man shot himself in his head, and was taken by medics to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, said Officer Tanya Little, a Police Department spokeswoman.

    Employees at the shop Tuesday night spoke over the sound of guns being fired in the background, and said they were unaware of anyone being injured there on Monday afternoon. However, neighbors took to an online message board to ask each other why police cars and ambulances were outside the club Monday afternoon.

    At least two other people have gone to a gun range to commit suicide in the area within the past year.

    Last Aug. 22, a 22-year-old West Chester man shot himself in the head at the Targetmaster Indoor Firearm Range and Gun Shop on Wilmington-West Chester Pike in Concord Township. And on Feb. 14, a 25-year-old man killed himself in the restroom at the same club. n