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  • On Rt. (State Highway) 32 At The Bottom Of Coventry Rd Mansfeild Center, CT - Tolland County

    There is 1"-2" buildup of sand washed onto route 32 at the bottom of Coventry Road. any child on a bicycle or any motorcycle turning onto or exiting Coventry Rd. is in extreme danger of loseing control at this intersection. It was cleaned up once but it desperetly needs to be done again before someone looses a life.

    This is an update to my original report. As of 07/15/2011 this matter seems to have been ignored. The highway Dept. in Bolton is responsable for this strech of highway. It is in Mansfield Center.

  • East St Middletown, CT 06457 - Middletown
    Speed of traffic is a problem for residents and walkers. Route 217 is a State road and goes through a residential area. There is a high density of Middletown residents living off of Route 217 and with the recent addition of a 55 and over residential housing development this further adds more people to the density of this area. We need sidewalks to allow people to walk and ride bikes as well as traffic signs to break up flow of traffic to reduce speed. Sidewalks would also help to further develop a neighborhood atmosphere .
  • 23 East Euclid Street Hartford, CT - Blue Hills
  • Zoning Archived
    866-868 Park Street Hartford, Connecticut - Frog Hollow

    It appears that a chop shop is being run out the back of 866-868 Park Street. Backyard is littered with bicycle parts and a stolen bike was reportedly sold out front.

    This is both a police and a zoning issue.

  • 360 Broad Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Money was spent to install bike lanes on one block of Broad Street, but we may as well have flushed those dollars. Instead of clearing the roadway curb-to-curb, the DPW plowed it into the bike lane, making that unusable to cyclists. Predictably, when we ask for bike lanes in other places in Hartford, we'll be told this won't happen because the current one is not used.

    1. Snow happens in New England every year. Make a plan for appropriate snow removal and stop bring shame to Connecticut

    2. Bicycles are transportation, especially in a city with such widespread poverty. People riding bicycles are already vulnerable. There is no need to exacerbate their risk by essentially forcing people onto a narrow street used by motorists rushing to get onto I-84.

  • 1-39 Hawthorn Street Hartford, Connecticut - Asylum Hill

    Several months ago I reported that dangerous storm grates were being installed as part of the road construction associated with Fastrak station. It appears that the same style of grates continues to be installed. The grates have long slots parallel to the direction of travel and could cause a catastrophic bicycle crash. This style of storm grate has been phased out for obvious safety and liability reasons.

    Curious how the contractor has managed to not correct this issue, particularly with design standards and a previous SeeClickFix report. The CT Fastrak project is clearly intended to serve more than car drivers, and I would expect the road projects adjacent to the stations to have special attention paid to "Complete Streets" design tenets.

  • Pratt St Hartford, CT - Downtown
    There is no bike parking on Pratt Street, even though its our city's most dense street. Let's not add just one bike rack, but a whole stable of racks so that more people will want to bike to the shops and restaurants on Pratt. New Haven just added a bike corral, let's do it too.
  • 50-72 Brookfield St Hartford, Connecticut - Behind The Rocks
    It there something that can be done about most of the cars, school buses, ambulances and tractor tailors completely avoiding our passing the cars on the right who slow down and go over these speed bumps the city has placed. I think it's a great idea if used properly. I understand there is a bike lane but why can't the bikes slow down and go over the bumps also. Thanks for your time.
  • Hawthorn Street Hartford, Connecticut - Asylum Hill

    Several non-standard grates with long slots in the direction of traffic flow were installed into replacement storm drains.

    Just waiting for an unsuspecting cyclist to get a front wheel caught and break their neck. There are standards in place for a reason. Whoever the contractor is, doesn't know what they are doing if they don't know the standards.

  • 480-492 Ridgewood Rd Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    Cars and buses routinely travel down Ridgewood at speeds in excess of 50 mph. Some of the biggest offenders are the city buses and the school buses. A stop sign at the corner of Mile Ln and Ridgewood Rd would help to slow down traffic. Many people bike, jog and walk down's only a matter of time until someone gets seriously injured or killed.
  • Speeding Archived
    Valley View Lane Vernon Rockville, CT 06066, USA - Vernon
    This street is a small no outlet street. A wonderful neighborhood to raise children. But please don't go out for walks at dinner time or later. Lots of people speed around the circle. My family and I have almost been hit 3 different times! Once my Husband stopped the man that came only inches from hitting us. This person had been drinking!! In all honesty, if we hadn't moved quickly, us or one of our 3 children would have been hit. The speed limit is 25. Very quiet neighborhood but lots of speeding cars!! Peterson Rd. which Valley View is off of is also an issue with speeding. It's a long road with only a stop sign at the very end. There are sidewalks on Peterson however. Thank goodness. I worry about all the kids walking to & from school. I've reported this speeding to the police station to no avail. I want to feel safe while walking or riding bikes with me children!
  • Interstate 291 Bike Route South Windsor, CT 06074, USA - South Windsor
    Rode this bike route for the first time yesterday and was disappointed to see it overgrown. It is in desperate need of a weed whacker! From Main St South Windsor to Windsor Meadows State Park. Please address this issue so more people can enjoy this bike trail. Thanks!