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  • 2449 Saw Mill Run Blvd Pittsburgh PA - Overbrook
    Something needs to be done about this traffic. These lights backs up everything.
  • Regan Avenue Pittsburgh, PA - Brentwood
    Regan avenue needs parking lines. This street has been dug up and patched multiple times in past years and we have no more parking lines. The homeowners who have lived here prior know how to park but the multi-unit rentals and all thier company don't know how to park.
    Also, they don't care. New parking lines could be a helpful guide. It worked when we had them.
  • The Edge Archived
    1 Grandview Ave Pittsburgh, PA 00 - Mount Washington
    Building is condemned Getting close to being torn down. Could be by end of year. Waiting for the zoning hearing which we should all attend.
  • Friendship Ave And Winebiddle St Pittsburgh /Allegheny Co, PA - Bloomfield
    PLease fix these roads! Friendship from West Penn Hospital and the side streets, especially Winebiddle, off of it are terrible. Desperate need of some new pavement!
  • 2947 Brevard Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Brentwood
    Residents continue to park their vehicles on a Public access way blocking pedestrians from getting thru.
  • California Ave Pittsburgh, PA - California-Kirkbride
    Multiple pot holes in the desingnated area..
  • The Whole City pittsburgh, PA - Shadyside
    i have a 4 x 4 that is built for offroad and the roads around here have destroyed my front end.
  • 2449 Saw Mill Run Blvd Pittsburgh, PA - Overbrook
    SR 0088/SR 0051, when is PennDOT going to actually fix this intersection? Why can't SR 0051 flyover SR 0088?
  • Elroy School Parking Brentwood, Pennsylvania - Brentwood
    Something needs to be done about parking for school pick up. I do not have the luxury or getting to the school to pick up my son an hour early just to find parking. A system needs to be put into place for school pickup . Either the school needs to give the church on Brownsville some money so we can use the lot for pick up or come up with a better system.
  • Brightridge Street pittsburgh, PA - Perry South
    From Brightridge and N Charles to Ridgewood St. This entire section of road is lumpy and full of holes and is a danger to anyone driving on it in the northside.
  • 2832 Clermont Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Brentwood
    There are cars parked illegally on Clermont Avenue, starting at the intersection where Clermont meets Glendale Ave. There are several cars who take turns parking at the intersection in areas where the curb is yellow. It is IMPOSSIBLE to see around the vehicles (which are often SUV's) when making a right hand turn from Glendale to Clermont. Additionally, there are 2 apartment buildings at Clermont and Lachman Way. At these apartments, people park on the sidewalk and illegally on the street across from the apartments at times (such as double parking in the spaces). It would be appreciated if the Borough would come and look into this ongoing parking issue. Usually, the worst is in the evening and morning when most residents are at home. This poses additional dangers because of the kids walking to Elroy school. Also, there is a lot of litter along Clermont that is blowing into the yards and property of the homeowners on Glendale.
  • 2718 Churchview Ave Brentwood, PA - Brentwood
    Mark Nix Plumbing Trucks are always blocking the sidewalk every weekday.
    It is a complete blind spot to walk out into Sankey from behind his commercial vehicles.
    But there is rarely enough room to even squeeze by on the sidewalk. One day I bumped into his passenger mirror while trying to squeeze through his truck and the building wall
    And he became belligerent and started screaming at me. I have pictures of his trucks on the sidewalk that go back years. In my opinion he simply does not care about anyone else’s safety over his own laziness.