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  • 311 N. Sycamore Ave. Clifton Heights, PA - Clifton Heights
    2 Blind spots at N. Sycamore entrance to Cliff Park Apts. and Wyncliffe Ave. and N. Sycamore Stop sign, Speeders down N. Sycamore and no side walk for pedestrians.
  • 200-270 W Washington Ave Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Clifton Heights
    The people on this street illegally park on the left side which bottlenecks this narrow street and have the gall to get a One way sign at the top of the street, making it a No Way Street for 4 or 5 hours a day.
  • 100-140 E Washington Ave Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Clifton Heights
    First come first serve we ALL deal with the bad weather and limited parking.
  • 126 East Broadway Ave. Clifton Heights Pa 19018 - Clifton Heights
    East Broadway Ave. is in terrible condition! Please repave it!
  • North Church St clifton heights, PA 19018 - Clifton Heights
    needs to do something about the cars that like to travel down the street at 95 miles an hour and then totally miss the stop sign at the bottom of the street at the davis/church intersection.... we have children on this street, and more and more families with children are moving onto the street.... this is an ever growing problem...
  • 200-304 N Sycamore Ave Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Clifton Heights
    Corner of Sycamore and E Wyncliffe. I sit in my living room and watch almost every car not just roll the sign, but run it, and fast. There are at least a dozen kids in this area and one of them is going to get seriously injured. And Also, Wyncliffe is NOT a super speedway....SLOW DOWN! It would be great if the cops could sit at this intersection sometimes, they would be shocked
  • 400-498 S Church St Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Clifton Heights
    Almost ever friday and/or saturday night there are to many cars/trucks parking at the end of the alley way. Most times its hard to even turn down the alley way.
  • pot holes Archived
    Oak Ave. Between Springfield Road And Baltimore Pike clifton heights, pa 19018 - Clifton Heights
    pot holes at the intersection of oak ave and springfield road, and on oak ave between springfield road and baltimore pike
  • 19-23 S Springfield Rd Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Clifton Heights
    There is an increasingly large sinkhole in the right lane of westbound Springfield Road in front of the old Clifton Heights municipal building. Any car traveling in the right lane will likely hit it with its right wheel.
  • 201 Cambridge Road Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania - Clifton Heights
    It's really frustrating when I have to use the flashlight on my cell phone in order to walk my dog it's pitch black and very dangerous due to horrible conditions of the alleyway witj broken concrete everywhere. It's an accident waiting to happen to say the least. The old Wachovia Bank drive thru is behind us as well as the parking lot across the street and both are pitch black. The township spends thousands and thousands of dollars to install cameras on street lights but can't put a streetlight up for the safety of the taxpayers in the community! Again accident waiting to happen.
  • pOTHOLE Open
    Clifton Heights PA, USA - Clifton Heights
    There is a large pothole on West Madison Avenue right after you turn off of Central Avenue onto West Madison. It is hard to see in that it is black in content. If not fixed, it will cause an accident or cause someone to greatly damage their car.
  • 200-254 Cambridge Rd Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Clifton Heights
    People love to park illegally on the left side of the street, which bottle necks the narrow street and the police and township do nothing as usual.