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  • 155 Swift St Providence, RI - Charles
    I have had to lend a voice to a few neighbors already, gotta get your cars off the street or they will be towed!
  • 99 Kenyon St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
  • 2-20 Camden Ave Providence, Rhode Island - Smith Hill
    This street has over a half dozen senior citizens on it, and this is how we take care and maintain the street and sidewalk that they utilize.
  • 113 Broadway Providence, RI - Federal Hill
    aside from being a decrepit and run down slum this building is covered in graffiti and trash litters all around it. The good people of west providence are slowly but surely turning this part of providence into something they can be proud of yet this auto business seems to think they can operate freely with zero consequences a run down eye sore that makes all of broadway look like a slum.
  • Harris Avenue Providence, Rhode Island - Valley
    Left turning light onto Harris AvenueStays red or three light changes. Keeping drivers sitting for 7+ minutes while all four sets of lights change three times or more and traffic moves except for drivers in the left-hand lane turning left. It’s been an ongoing issue for years but it is gotten considerably worse over the last couple of months. I’m speaking specifically about the left turning light only.
  • 67 Camden Ave Providence, Rhode Island - Smith Hill
    This sidewalk is directly in front of Camden Ave Park in Smith Hill. Another unfortunate instance of our community assets being neglected
  • 77 Camden Ave Providence, Rhode Island - Smith Hill
    Corner of vale and camden
  • 145-199 Moore St Providence, RI 02907, USA - West End
    Four potholes in street. One normal potholes, three very sunken depressions in road.
  • White Street Providence, RI 02904, USA - Hope
    Hello, I work at a business on North Main Street and my patrons use White Street (along North side of Sears building) and Nashua Street (along Miriam parking lot). There are weeds growing high, there is trash along the street and on the sidewalk. There is broken glass and various other garbage. How can I get this cleaned-up and safe for people to use the sidewalk? Thank You!