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  • 12 June Street Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    Sand is supposed to be available to Worcester residents for free. Every time we checked across from Foley Stadium, there is no sand. When will some be delivered?
  • 460 Chandler Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    Vehicle parked on Ruth Street side of 460 Chandler (corner lot).
  • 48 Sherburne Avenue Worcester, MA 01606, USA - Worcester
    Request fence around beach to close beach when closed. Beach is open for about 2 months in summer , the rest of the time it's used by drug dealers and hookers and not maintained by the city. Boulders and light block off half the area. Other half is dark and not blocked off between Clason and Sherburne is frequented daily by people dealing drugs and using it for sex in their cars and drinking. If police can't stop it with multiple phone calls, Parks Dept needs to close it up to prevent access. One murder on this beach in the middle of the night is enough for this neighborhood. Please help keep our neighborhood safe.
  • Green St Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    The Y is very slow to shovel or remove ice after a storm and it is hazardous for pedestrians.
  • Pothole Archived
    9 Trinity Ave Worcester, MA 01605, USA - Worcester
    Two potholes
  • Green St Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    Large amount of assorted debris and garbage.
  • 495a Mill St Worcester Ma 01602 - Worcester
    The smell is horrible in the houses from this skunk.
  • Sidewalk parking Acknowledged
    9 Thenius Worcester, MA - Worcester
  • 248 May Street Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    4 trash bags out on Saturday. Trash day is Thursday.
  • 95-99 Barnard Rd Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    BlAck bag of trash in road
  • Pothole Archived
    I-190 Worcester, MA 01606, USA - Worcester
    Large pothole on the on ramp to I-190 South/I-290 from route 12.
  • March Street Worcester - Worcester
    Lights are totally out at the intersection.