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  • Blithewood Avenue Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    Traveling west, uphill on Blithewood Avenue, Worcester, there is no speed limit sign approaching entrance and exit to/from Oakwood Lane. It is a blind curve. The only sign approaching Oakwood Lane is “Blind Driveway”. It is very dangerous to pull out of, or pull into Oakwood Lane due to that dangerous curve. Before new sidewalks were constructed it is my understanding there was a mirror installed across the street to assist residents of Oakwood Lane pulling out onto Blithewood Avenue. There is a 20 mph sign traveling east,only, on Blithewood, just beyond entrance to Oakwood. Vehicles speed uphill and down Blithewood Avenue which is potentially very dangerous for Oakwood Lane traffic.
  • Oakwood Lane Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester

    The sidewalks throughout the Oakwood Lane neighborhood are defective around the whole property. There are water boxes and gas utilities that are sticking up creating a dangerous situation and trip hazard. These are a liability to the City and putting residents at risk.

    These sidewalks are extremely treacherous and we are greatly concerned about the safety and well-being of this neighborhood. There are several elderly residents and young children whom could become severely injured on one of these raised structures.

  • 6 Oakwood Lane Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester

    TICKET # 1732239 is still open, and the City erroneously marked our previous See-Click-Fix complaint as resolved (marked "CLOSED by City of Worcester (Verified Official) /The City of Worcester has resolved this issue. 04/28/2018").

    This pothole issue at the entrance to Oakwood Lane, near 107 Blithewood was NOT resolved. This pothole is still there, and is far too large for the City to just slap some cold-patch in it. This pothole will require the City to cut and patch this area, to complete the repair safely and appropriately.

    The photo attached is the "repair" that was conducted. This was very poorly done, and incomplete.

  • Large pothole Archived
    14 Chrome St. Worcester, MA - Worcester
  • Flagg Street Worcester, MA - Worcester
    The entire street is full of large holes from Richmond Ave to Pleasant Street. It's not wide enough to go around them, so it's quite dangerous for people driving from Pleasant to Richmond with drivers swerving violently into the other lane to avoid one of the many potholes.
  • 5 Hockanum Way Worcester, MA 01606 - Worcester

    We would like to request that the city of Worcester repair several severe potholes that threaten public safety and vehicles on Hockanum Way. The city has maintained this road in the past; however, in recent years the road has fallen into disrepair.

    Although Hockanum Way is technically a private road, it functions in every conceivable way as a public one. This unusual condition is the direct result of actions taken by the state and city government when interstate 190 was constructed many years ago. As you may clearly see from maps, the construction of the highway necessitated the closure of one end of Indian Hill Road, where it intersects with Hockanum Way. Previously, Indian Hill Road offered the entire Indian Hill neighborhood a public way through which they could exit the neighborhood; now, however, all traffic on Indian Hill Road is routed up Hockanum Way to Frontage road where the interstate or the city may be accessed.

    As a result of this situation, at least 40 households who do not own property on Hockanum Way make daily use of it. Many of these households own multiple vehicles, resulting in hundreds of daily, unauthorized uses of our private way. In addition, the city of Worcester itself makes repeated uses of Hockanum Way by sending three separate school buses up and down our road twice a day during the school year. This public traffic has contributed to a significant degrading of the road.

    It is clearly unacceptable to ask the citizens of Hockanum Way – a mere 8 households – to subsidize the rest of the city's daily use of our road. Since Hockanum Way is a vital cut-through for the general Indian Hill area and the city of Worcester itself, it is impossible for us to block the road or otherwise restrict traffic. All we ask is that the city repair these potholes so that the road is passable and will not damage our vehicles or harm our property values.

  • 158 Brookline St Worcester, MA 01602, USA - Worcester
    Entire top of hill/street in process of competly crumbling and deterioration! Unsafe for cars and children.Chuncks of pavement line both sides.Called Councilor help !!
  • pot holes Archived
    Providence St Worcester, MA - Worcester
    not done yet
  • 45-55 Tirrell St Worcester, MA 01603, USA - Worcester
    At the top of Tirrell St. Where it intersects with Freeland.
  • 112 Harding Worcester, MA - Worcester
    pothole in left lane, 112 harding and winter streets, Worcester, MA
  • Corner Of Dalton And Grafton Street Worcester, MA - Worcester
    If you go across from stop and shop up dalton be very careful. I hit the pot hole bump and blew out two tires
  • 45-47 Grosvenor St Worcester, MA 01608, USA - Worcester
    As you come up Grosvenor from Lafayette this is just past the first tree on the left. Now this GLASS item is in the middle of the sidewalk blocking pedestrian traffic. WHY does it take sooooo LONG to resolve???