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  • 10602 Keelson Ave Garden Grove, California - Garden Grove
    The street lights on W. Keelson Ave are out for quite some time now. Hopefully they can be replace soon.Thank you.
  • Pothole Archived
    10201-10259 W Hazard Ave Garden Grove, CA 92843, USA - Garden Grove
  • 13662 Yockey St Garden Grove, CA 92844, USA - Garden Grove
    Graffiti on SE wall of Yockey St and Enloe Avenue, graffiti on North side face enloe avenue and the other face Yockey St.
  • Psi Water Vision 7200 Garden Grove Blvd, Westminster, CA, 92683, USA - Garden Grove
    two separate pot holes on Golden West exit from 22W. Two separate pot holes about 3 feet apart which makes it impossible to miss both. Looks like it was filled but sure the rain washed it away. Please fix!!
  • Beach/Trask Garden Grove, California - Garden Grove
    pothole on beach/trask intersection (on the walmart side)
  • Springdale Street Garden Grove, CA 92649, United States of America - Garden Grove
    Southeast curb Springdale and Chapman 92845
  • Belfast Dr Garden Grove Ca - Garden Grove
    Hi, the pavement in the back alley of Belfast (Donegal Dr to Kerry St) looks like it hasn't been touched or paved in a very long time. Large pot holes, 1-2 feet diameter with a depth of about 2 inches, have developed in some areas and the ground is turning into dirt and gravel and cracking. Hopefully, the alley can be repaved. Thank you for your time
  • 7245 Garden Grove Boulevard Garden Grove, California - Garden Grove
    just BEFORE (east of) the 22 overpass, driving westward on GG Blvd. toward Goldenwest/Knott in right hand turn lane. Ones under bridge were fixed, but this is just BEFORE you go under. Has been bad now for 2 - 3 weeks.
  • 7140 Garden Grove Boulevard Westminster, California - Garden Grove
    2 rectangular potholes in the right "straight" (not far right turn lane) on Garden Grove Blvd. going west, right at the Knott/Goldenwest intersection area - looks like gouged out by tires starting as light turns green.
  • 11092 Gilbert St Garden Grove, California - Garden Grove
    Graffiti written on the side of the house on gilbert street and maureen drive.
  • 11643-11699 Scandia St Garden Grove, CA 92845, USA - Garden Grove
    On block wall
  • 10102 Imperial Ave Garden Grove 92843, United States - Garden Grove
    There is only 1 street light on Imperial Avenue. Some other streets don’t have any. It is very dark at night. How can we request more street lights to be added in the neighborhood?