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  • Ramblewood Ln & Pepper Dr Rockford, IL 61114, USA - Rockford
    overgrown trees hiding the view of a stop sign at Ramblewood Lane & Pepper Drive.
  • 4356-4716 20th St Rockford, IL 61109, USA - US Congressional District IL16
    roadway on 20th street from bridge to bluffside full of pot holes and patches makeing for a very ruff road and unsafe drive when icey or snow covered
  • 1701-1703 Kings Hwy Rockford, IL 61107, USA - Rockford
    I was just illegally passed by a red pick up truck (yes I have his plate number), who then accelerated and speed away. Highcrest is a 30MPH residential street. WE NEED SPEED BUMPS ON HIGHCREST
  • 1036-1098 Charles St Rockford, IL 61104, USA - Rockford
    The removal of the double turn lane here as done nothing but create confusion. I drive this section of road daily, and there are still cars that use the center lane to turn right. Either it needs to go back to the way it was (with the center lane being used to make right hand turns), or it's use as a single lane needs to be clearly defined. Having a sign up for one week did nothing at all.
  • 2128-2198 Harrison Ave Rockford, IL 61104, USA - Rockford
  • 610-698 Bruce St Rockford, IL 61103, USA - Rockford
  • 3622-3698 N Main St Rockford, IL 61103, USA - Rockford
    Could the traffic lights that cross N. Main at Halsted, by the KFC, Riverside, and by Culver's all be timed so you don't have to stop at each light
  • 2002 Broadway Rockford, IL 61104, USA - Rockford
    Dangerous Potholes forcing traffic into other lane of traffic to avoid
  • 3237-3299 11th St Rockford, IL 61109, USA - Rockford
    OK...almost every trace of lane striping has all but disappeared from 11th Street north from Sandy Hollow Rd. Even the center turn lane is poorly marked. It's getting dangerous!!!
  • N 2nd St Rockford, IL - Rockford
    After the N. 2nd St bridge was replaced over Spring Creek Rd, a very poor job of striping the lanes was done. Much of it is missing and at certain times of the day, the sun shines on it just at the right angle to make any striping undetectable.
  • S Alpine Rd & U.S. 20 Rockford, IL 61109, USA - Rockford
  • 1818 Nebraska Rd Rockford, IL 61108, USA - Rockford
    House was demolished to help area flooding, but has not been properly graded or seeded. Major erosion during rains have created a mudpile at the sidewalk and street, grass seed has been washed away. Weeds, mud, standing water look terrible! This was supposed to be an improvement for flooding, but has brought the neighborhood down because it looks awful. It's sad and embarrassing.