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  • 3008 Summerdale Ave Rockford, IL 61101, USA - Rockford
    large old dying tree previously reported but nothing was done about it, drops large branches on passing cars, parked cars, people walking by and ambulances. Lucky that no one has been injured or killed...yet. This tree has destroyed the sidewalks as well.
  • 1501-1599 20th St Rockford, IL 61104, USA - Rockford
    Turing left on to 20th from broadway? You might want to find a new route home. 8 or more potholes right there as you turn, unsafe for you, your car and you can NOT avoid because of the on coming cars
  • 4825 Creekview Rd Rockford, IL - Rockford
    (2) vehicles with Michigan license plates have been parked in roadway for a couple of months. They have not been driven.
  • 1600-1900 Eastmoreland Ave Rockford, IL 61108, USA - Rockford
    You cannot get thru going north unless you drive down wrong side of road
  • 6826-6844 E Riverside Blvd Rockford, IL 61114, USA - Rockford
    Only 3.5 cars turning left onto Riverside from Perryville get through the intersection before the arrow turns red. And a lot of people disobey the signal. No wonder there are so many accidents at this intersection.
  • 3100 N. Main St Rockford, IL 61103, USA - Rockford
  • 6297 Garrett Lane - US Congressional District IL16
    There is a maze of potholes on Garrett Lane from Trainer to Mulford. High traffic area, hard to maneuver around them. School bus route too.
  • 1200 Block Of N Main St Rockford, IL 61103, USA - Rockford
    In the 1200 block of North Main St., the front part of a property was destroyed when a vehicle crashed into it some years ago. Posted signs on the property have deemed it unlivable, but the property still stands.
  • 185 Buckley Dr Rockford, IL 61108, USA - Rockford
    This light requires a green arrow to turn left, and oftentimes the wait is 3 or more minutes with zero oncoming traffic. Why is it okay to make an unprotected left turn from E. State St. onto N. Perryville (one of the busiest and largest intersections) but not from E. State. St onto Buckley?
  • 11th St And Brook Rd Rockford, IL - Rockford
    gang graffetti all over the side of a bopearded up gas station 11th st and brook rd
  • U.S. 20 Rockford, IL 61109, USA - Rockford
    major major pot holes from kishwaukee and sandyhollow south to the airport and to the left on falcon road the pot holes are huge and dangerous.i drive this way everyday to work and its getting worse and worse and worse
  • 600 Cottage Grove Ave Rockford, IL 61103, USA - Rockford
    people on even side of street do not move for ordinance and our street never gets completely plowed because of this