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  • 124-198 N Water St Rockford, IL 61107, USA - Rockford
    Down at the fountains on Water street, the people that use a free public service also feel it is a place to just leave trash. Today 06/08/2011 there is so much trash two guys will take well over an hour to clean up. There is liquor bottles under trees, a cooler with trash left near the street. On a hot day I would estimate there is 50-100 people. They also park for longer then two hours.
  • 335-507 S Perryville Rd Rockford, IL 61108, USA - Rockford
    Northbound Perryville Rd by HomeTown Buffet is confusing when its dark/rainy out. The road curves slightly and confuses many motorists since the stripes on the road are very faint. I have experienced being "trapped" in what I thought was a lane that would go through to East State St, but ended up being a left turn lane. I have seen others make this mistake many times when it's dark out. Quite scary when you are driving along, and suddenly there is a median in front of you. An accident will eventually take place because of the poor striping. Please fix!
  • 1100-1146 Benington Rd Rockford, IL 61103, USA - Rockford
    West of main on Light street HUGE ONGOING POTHOLE FOR 2 YEARS. This one will sink a tire on your car. Won't shop in that area until fixed. Ridiculous.
  • 1600 Block Down To The Yellow Bus Company Rockford IL 61104, USA - Rockford
    Christina st. has potholes the size of laundry baskets thanks to the bus company and snow plows............ they need to be fixed not patched. Christina gets patched once YEAR NEVER FIXED.
  • 510 N. London Ave. Rockford, IL 61107 - Rockford
    Large holes, uneven conrete causing flooding and icing in alley. Accident last year due to this problem. Please fix our alley!
  • 1703 Wills Ave Rockford, IL 61109, USA - Rockford
    I have lived here for over 3 yrs now. Every year they do some type of " patch" work. This street is SICK. The whole area from 11th to Hanson St is unsafe for any auto! A whole repavement needs to be done! Stop doing "patch work" in the winter time, and just fixed this road! Also need a 4 way stop ay Willis and Hanson too! Jacobson needs to get out, so someone who really wants to do the alderman job can.
  • Roxbury Rd Rockford, IL 61108, USA - Rockford

    The red left turn arrows at State and Phelps Ave., Arnold Ave., and New Towne Dr. installed in 2007 are a nuisance. They are unnecessary and cause traffic to wait for exceptionally long times, often with little or no oncoming traffic that would otherwise prohibit making a left turn. The green arrows are too short, which often cause cars to race to catch the arrow creating a hazardous situation. Cars often dart out from the left turn lanes to try to catch the turn arrow at the next intersection. Traffic has increased on side streets as cars try to evade this and other intersections with red turn arrows. I’m sure businesses have been impacted by people wanting to avoid waiting to make the turns and choose to go elsewhere. Not to mention the wait time far exceeds the 30 second limit set by the city’s self imposed “No Idle Zone” Committee.

    These lights were installed as part of a traffic signal “modernization” program at a cost of $132,207.18.

  • Potholes Archived
    Fulton Ave From Huffman Blvd To N. Main Rockford, IL 61103, USA - Rockford
    Potholes both sides of the street on Fulton Ave from Huffman Blvd to N. Main Street.
  • 312 Spring Creek Rd Rockford, IL 61107, USA - Rockford
    The railroad crossing located just east of the Auburn Street Bridge is rough going east or west, but especially when headed west in the curb lane. The metal surface needs replacement.
  • North West Side Of Rockford Rockford, IL. - Rockford
    Reported from my mobile device
  • N Prospect St Rockford, IL 61107, USA - Rockford
    The entire stretch of N Prospect Street from State St. to Rural Street is practically undriveable with potholes and cracks throughout the entire length and breadth of it. A Gravel street would actually be better.
  • 1603 9th St Rockford, IL 61104, USA - Rockford
    The lights at the corner of 15th Avenue and 9th street are always "missed" and there ends up being a 3 way accident. 9th street is a one way going north and cars go through this light regularly and it causes an accident. I have seen over 6-10 accidents per year at this intersection for the last 7 years I have lived near this corner. Please put up 3 way stop signs with flashers instead.