City of Rockford Mayor

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  • Rockford IL 61107, USA - Rockford
    The crosswalk does not have concrete to the sidewalk. No wheel chair access.
  • Rockford IL 61107, USA - Rockford
    Plants on the corner are overgrown and blocking the sidewalk. Need to be trimmed.
  • 3700 Block Of Toft Street - Rockford
    On Toft Street a man hole cover along the street which has no sidewalk has been move, leaving a very large hole.
  • Northwest Corner Of Auburn And Main - Rockford
    The northwest corner of Main and Auburn has been an eye-sore for a few years now. Commercial Associates owns the lot, but doesn't maintain it. They did the same thing to the lot at Guilford and Alpine until a new company bought the lot. If there going to knock down buildings, then they need to mow and maintain the lot. A real eye sore for the neighboring citizens.
  • 5600 Newburg Rd Rockford, IL - Rockford
    large pothole
  • 811 Garfield Avenue Rockford IL 61103 - Rockford
    front lawn of occupied rental property in historic district neighborhood is overgrown and needs to be mowed
  • 2314 16th Ave Rockford, IL - Rockford
    light is broken AGAIN in the Alley flickering all night looks like lighting and my daughter wontsleep in her room. Its just hanging there.
  • 3604 Spring Creek Rd Rockford, IL 61107, USA - Rockford
    fix sensor - stopping traffic on Spring Creek when no traffic in crossing intersection
  • 3815 Florida Dr Rockford, IL 61108, USA - Rockford
    This limb fell off a tree across the street weeks ago. Someone dragged it out of the street and now it's on the parkway at the above address. Needs to be picked up by city tree-trimming crew whenever it's convenient. Homeowner CANNOT do it.
  • 1311 Chelsea Ave. Rockford IL 61107, USA - Rockford
    Evergreens are overgrown and blocking the sidewalk. Need to be trimmed.
  • Pothole Open
    4600-4698 U.S. 20 Business Rockford, IL 61108, USA - Rockford
    There is a deep, dangerous pot hole in the right turn lane to East State Street. Near CVS.
  • 3030-3098 Landstrom Rd Rockford, IL 61107, USA - US Congressional District IL16
    A street light at the innersection of Landstrom and Bradley roads has been out for more than a month. With very low visibility, it could be problematic for dog walkers, bicyclists and other drivers at night.