City of Rockford Mayor

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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2009-10-09

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  • 3005 Buckingham Dr Rockford, Illinois - Rockford
    Grass is never cut!
  • 1121-1199 Loomis Street Rockford, IL - Rockford
    Reflection of how lazy and nasty the property dwellers are.
  • 128 North Horace Avenue Rockford, IL 61101, USA - Rockford
    this corner needs to be totally redone not just patched it has potholes within potholes across the whole street no way to avoid them and it will cost the city more in fixing peoples cars then it would to properly fix the roadway.
  • 410 South Horace Avenue Rockford, IL 61102, USA - Rockford
    need to repave the whole street from Green to Preston trucks and buses have tore up the road for years now it need to be fixed the right way.
  • 128 North Horace Avenue Rockford, IL 61101, USA - Rockford
    from corner to corner (east to west) full of big pot holes not safe to drive on not even slowly
  • 1026+- School St Rockford IL 61101, USA - Rockford
    in this poverty area the (weed n seed) the bridge has a sidewalk but its under ice and snow .the owner of the bridge (who could that be?)should be required to clean it off? . the residents and homeowners do a great job of cleaning their sidewalks! 6th st bridge also . the poor pedestrians walk in the frigid cold street with the cars and trucks.its probably just me right?do others see this stuff too?
  • 5995 Spring Creek Rd Rockford, IL 61107, USA - Rockford
    To turn right at this intersection onto southbound North Mulford Road, the signs are instead for the ending turn lane for the previous street. This is badly marked and should be fixed.
  • 4311 20th Street Rockford, IL - US Congressional District IL16
    Can we please rip this road up and fix the whole thing. I am so tired of seeing patches that dont last. This road tax just isnt working out for me. Im done with it.
  • 2240 Forest View Road Rockford, Illinois - Rockford
    2old couches on curb for months
  • 1122 Greenwood Ave Rockford, Illinois - Rockford
    pot holes in the 11 hundred block of greenwood ave
    need to be filled.
    thank you
  • 3100-3146 Sunnyside Avenue Rockford, IL 61101, USA - Rockford
    Trees over grown into the street corner of sunnyside and kilburn and then in the alley behind on sunnyside, trees in wires,need trimmed because they are in the wires
  • 4074 Tesa Rd - Rockford
    Glass all over streets in neighborhood