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  • 1627 25th St - Rockford
    House on Northwest corner of 25th St. and 16th Ave. trashy & unmowed and full of weeds. House is occupied.
  • 422 Phelps Ave Rockford, IL 61108, USA - Rockford

    The red left turn arrows at State and Phelps Ave., Arnold Ave., and New Towne Dr. installed in 2007 are a nuisance. They are unnecessary and cause traffic to wait for exceptionally long times, often with little or no oncoming traffic that would otherwise prohibit making a left turn. The green arrows are too short, which often cause cars to race to catch the arrow creating a hazardous situation. Cars often dart out from the left turn lanes to try to catch the turn arrow at the next intersection. Traffic has increased on side streets as cars try to evade this and other intersections with red turn arrows. I’m sure businesses have been impacted by people wanting to avoid waiting to make the turns and choose to go elsewhere. Not to mention the wait time far exceeds the 30 second limit set by the city’s self imposed “No Idle Zone” Committee.

    These lights were installed as part of a traffic signal “modernization” program at a cost of $132,207.18.

  • 1271 N Central Ave Rockford, IL 61101, USA - Rockford
    There is a traffic signal that used to service the now defunct Amerock property that is not needed any longer, due to Amerock taking their jobs to a better buisness climate. This needs to be turned off at least!!!
  • Tower Hill - Rockford
    The Tower Hill subdivision does not get the snow plowed from the streets until up to three days after the snow fall. This would not be an issue except that for some reason the Aldeen Golf Course parking lot is ALWAYS completely clear of snow, which I'm sure the golfers appreciate. Reid Farm from Spring Creek to Rote Road is usually spotless, but continue on to Sentinel from Reid Farm and the difference is dramatic. By the time the streets are finally plowed the snow is compacted enough from the residents driving on it that the streets just become a slick mess. As we pay some of the highest taxes in the city, one would think that the plows could continue up Reid Farm and through the subdivision especially since the plows are clearly already in the neighborhood.
  • 501 N Springfield Ave Rockford, IL 61101, USA - Rockford
    The section of land behind the BP gas station and Family Dollar is an eyesore. Weeds are out of control and this needs to be addressed with the owner(s) of that parcel of land to keep it mowed!
  • 1133 3rd Ave - Rockford
    Grass and weeds 4 feet tall
  • 301-499 S Alpine Rd Rockford, IL 61108, USA - Rockford
    Huge pothole in southbound right side lane of S. Alpine, Bent Rim and Flat tire :-( streets dept was out there tonight and filled about 1/4 of this immense canyon.
  • 817 S. 3rd Street Rockford, IL - Rockford
    The owner now has a large dumpster in the driveway but that's about it. It still looks bad.
    The owner is now working on it
  • 600 Woodlawn Avenue Rockford, IL - Rockford
    A lot of people sometimes 20 or more of various ages in the street and sidewalks and yards making enough noise running, laughing, and sometimes fighting to keep anyone from sleeping. This street needs consistent late night patrol and curfews enforced.
  • 3102-3108 Lapey St Rockford, IL 61109, USA - Rockford
    Very deep massive pot hole gets deeper everyday if I put my foot in the middle, it would be way above my ankle. Its been patched MANY times and really just needs to get fixed correctly. Before it eats somones tired.
  • GIANT POTHOLE Archived
    2612-2616 Glenwood Ave Rockford, IL 61101, USA - Rockford
    Giant tire sized pothole chewing up cars.
  • 2219 Auburn St Rockford, IL 61103, USA - Rockford
    The tree branches are so long they touch the grass in the front yard and its hard to pull out into traffic when we cant see the cars coming.