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  • Genoa St And Sunset Ave Intersection - Rockford
  • Mowing Open
    3119 Minnesota Dr Rockford Il 61108 Rockford, Illinois - Rockford
    Lawn needs to be mowed
  • 2415 Andrews - Rockford
    House is horrible. Owned by the city was told it was being torn down for over 6 months nothing...
  • 3223 California Road - Rockford
    lawn not mowed. siding hanging off front. garage door hanging in pieces
  • 3220 Carolina Ave Rockford, IL 61108 - Rockford
    There is an abandoned/condemned home at 3220 Carolina Ave. The grass and weeds are now overgrown and the pool in the backyard is still filled with dirty slimy water. We are concerned about rodents and vermin, also mosquitos breeding in the pool. There are many older people and young children on this block. There is also a bad smell coming from the backyard. We are not sure if it from garbage or a dead animal. We have seen a possum in the yard. We have called the city and so have our neighbors. We were told someone would come out and mow the lawn, but nobody has come. The city told us to call the health department about the pool, and the health department said to call the city. We are all very frustrated. What do we do?? I have attached a picture that best shows the grass and pool together.
  • 6434 Maeve Ln. - Rockford
    Grass and branches are being dumped behind 6434 Maeve Ln. I live in the house on the property of 6434 Maeve Ln. and my back yard is full of critters from the debris being dumped there. I have my yard done by landscappers and they haul all of my debris away. I purchased this home in November and have watched atleast two nieghbors dumpping all of there material from tress, lawn and gardens.
  • 3378 Tannenbaum Lane Rockford, IL 61109, USA - Rockford
    Large pot holes in north bound lane
  • Walnut St Rockford, IL 61104, USA - Rockford
  • 5200-5228 Harrison Ave Rockford, IL 61108, USA - Rockford
    The left turn lanes installed during the Harrison Avenue rebuild are not offset enough to see around oncoming vehicles. If you are waiting to make a turn, and another car is waiting in the left turn lane facing you, you can't see around them to look for oncoming traffic. This is highly dangerous!
  • 322 S Gardiner Ave Rockford, IL 61104, USA - Rockford
    Alley behind South Gardiner houses on east side is badly broken up and in need of repair. I believe it is up to the city to maintain these alley ways, but they are a cause of great discouragement to residents, who often get stuck in the winter due to the dips in the road that get icy and crumbling nature of the pavement.
  • 3983 Linden Road Rockford, Illinois - Rockford
    We need speed bumps down this road. I have had a couple cars get hit by speeders, they constantly speed down our road. I had my car get rear ended, then finally got a rental car, and that rental car got hit,(it was parked in a diff spot). so, 3 cars total got hit, and probably totaled out becuase people cant slow down. im afraid for my life, my kids and other neighborhood kids and people, my cars and others who park on the street. its scary when we can play in our front yard. I am also afraid to walk down the sidewalk, it maily happens in the evening, sometimes around lunch, and the couple nights i have been awake, it happens around 1am-3am
  • Weymouth Dr. & Lansdale Dr. Rockford, IL 61114, USA - Rockford

    Dangerous 3-way stop at Weymouth and Lansdale: majority of drivers do not stop/do not slow down/do not yield to kids and pedestrians going to/from park. Speeds can exceed 50mph on Weymouth going to Mulford or Haddon.

    Dog killed; daily narrow misses with kids on bikes. Especially troublesome during morning/evening rush.

    Solutions: frequent police ticketing/speed bumps on Weymouth/new stop signs at Weymouth/Montlake & Weymouth/Raintree