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  • 648 Leo Dr. Santa Rosa CA. - Roseland
    The RV is parked next to the sidewalk and there is someone possiblely with a small child living out of it. There is also alot of foot traffic in and out the RV as well as the back yard all hour of the day
  • 867 Ripley St Santa Rosa, CA 95401 - Santa Rosa
    Homeless encampment at former Electric Crayon Building. Alcohol, drug use, people using toilets as latrines day and night.
  • West Collage & Link Ln. - Santa Rosa
    cross walk across west collage at link ln./ bus stop. Hard to tell if someone is waiting to cross the street or waiting for the bus. I have witnessed many close calls! Very scary!most recent , a mom and two kids where crossing ,cars where stopped in both directions,when a car ran threw ,nearly missing them.
  • 1114 Lance Dr Santa Rosa, CA 95401 - Santa Rosa
    Unsightly Junk Yard -Owners who live around the corner don't care
  • 3240 Coffey Ln Santa Rosa, CA 95403, USA - Santa Rosa
    The road has gotten worse over the last 6 months. The patch's are horrible and making my alignment bad
  • 2355 Meadow Way Santa Rosa, CA 95404, USA - Santa Rosa
    The Fire Lane is too short on the Corner of Meadow and Kawana, sometimes turning in you can almost hit a car weather its heading towards you or its parked because the street is too narrow and the fire lane is too short and should be drawn in further into the street. There is also a vacant lot of land with 3 sign on the street that says "NO PARKING ANY TIME" people have knocked signs down etc and police and city does nothing about it!
  • 3790 Ahl Park Ct Santa Rosa, CA 95405 - Santa Rosa
    the entrance into and from the park is hectic! I live across the street from the entrance. I have witnessed cars not stopping for pedestrians and almost hitting them. There should be a four way stop sign, light, or atleast a decent crosswalk. Please help keep our area safe... Thank you,
    Farah Ferdows
  • Southwood Dr. At Dutton - Roseland
    It's not a fence, it's a huge ugly blind made of wood and tarps to hide the front of the house. Code/safety/taste violation? It's an abomination... I pity the neighbors.
  • 2486 Copperfield Dr Santa Rosa, CA 95401 - Santa Rosa
    Graffiti all over the parks and private fence's.
  • 936 W 9th St Santa Rosa, CA 95401, USA - Santa Rosa
    W 9th is a busy road, it needs to be resurfaced, what a bumpy ride!
  • 123 Garden St CA 95401 - Sonoma County
    This road has big potholes.Needs repair before winter
  • 2601 Dowd Dr Santa Rosa, CA 95407 - Roseland
    Making a right turn onto Hearn Ave. from Dowd Drive is a nightmare at the 5 PM hour. It seems like the lights at Dowd and Hearn could be better sequenced with the lights at Corby and Hearn so that the traffic flow to Santa Rosa Ave. over 101 would move better. In addition to this, traffic waiting, stopping and blocking to cross over West bound Hearn Ave into the Arco Station further frustrates drivers and creates unsafe conditions as they cross busy traffic into a busy Arco Station. Thanks!