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  • broken tree Archived
    1439-1499 Buckingham Way Hayward, California - Tennyson-Alquire
    A big branch of a tree is broken and hanging. The tree is located in the creek area next to Spanish Ranch 1 Mobile home park. Between Folsom Ave Pacheco Way and it is before the 2 creeks join.Also the tree is easy to find it because the branch is almost blocking the pathway
  • 22500 California 238 Hayward, California - Hayward
    the crosswalk sign at the southeast corner of foothill and A st is facing the wrong way, and can't be seen when trying to cross.
  • Eden Park Pl Hayward, CA - Hayward
    I would like speed bumps place down this street as there are children on this street. I have yet to let my children play outside because theyer are cars that speed down this street constantly. The stree is small as it is and cars are speeding down the street everyday.
  • 26006 Jane Ave Hayward, CA 94544, USA - Whitman-Mocine
  • Bay Farm Island Bridge Hayward, California - Hayward
    PLEASE CLEAN UP THE GRAFFITI!!! I realize this is a 'thankless' job - the path under the BFI Bridge is secluded and certainly an attractive location for scofflaws and vandals! But, this desecration is an insult to this charming city!!! When allowed to 'thrive', the graffiti grows - as in this instance.....the damage has spread to the dirt, the sides, and other areas that were not 'tagged' before. PLEASE GET RID OF IT ALL
  • 100-108 A St Hayward, CA 94541, USA - Burbank
    Low branch needs removed
  • 2400-2410 W Tennyson Rd Hayward, CA 94545, USA - Glen Eden
    The first street light west of Hesperian blvd on Tennyson has two street lights. They both strobe/flicker. This is extremely distracting when watching for a light to change.
  • 591 A St Hayward, CA 94541, USA - Burbank
    Company continues to park illegally, and blocking bicycle lane. See Access Hayward service request # 107050
  • 22761 Hesperian Boulevard Hayward, California - Longwood-Winton Grove
    this car has been parked in front of the house for over two weeks it has not started or moved at all. I am unsure if it is abandon or if it works at all
  • 31035 Genstar Rd Hayward 94544, United States - Hayward
  • Nimitz Fwy Hayward, CA 94544, USA - Hayward
  • 23572 Saklan Rd Hayward, CA, 94545, USA - Mt Eden
    Frequently cars are getting broken into. More street lights need to be put on this street to deter thief’s as well as a speed bump just before the stop sign to slow down robbers. Tonight my car was broken into and nothing was taken.