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  • 13490 Frazho Rd Warren, MI 48089, USA - Warren
    The light here on Frazho is only about 1 second, particularly at night. It barely gives time to get through the light if you floor it. Timing needs to be changed!
  • 28000 Newport Dr - Warren
    The traffic light at Newport and 12 mile road, does not change properly. I believe this is a light that has the sensors. When there is cars on Newport waiting to make the left onto 12 mile road, the light does not change. On weekday mornings it is red for Newport traffic for more that 5 mins.
  • 3801-3999 Martin Rd Warren, MI 48092, USA - Warren
    Ryan Rd / Martin - we need a trafficlight which shows Left turn only. It's almost not possible to turn into martin rd from ryan rd in rush hour
  • 23001-23131 Warner Ave Warren, MI 48091, USA - Warren
    Warner Rd in major need of repaving, ruining cars all down through here
  • Bear Creek Blvd And Chicago Road - Warren
    Very dangerous intersection trying to exit Bear Creek onto Chicago Road.
  • 32000-32100 Mound Rd Warren, MI 48092, USA - Warren
    Please fix the stoplights here the traffic build up is crazy none of the lights are timed correctly and we are wasting time, gas and hurting the environment by sitting in traffic
  • Lose Dog Archived
    2046 John B Warren, MI - Warren
    This mean dog is usually chained up, but he was loose and broke through the fence and attached my dog last your children...
  • 32900 Linderman Warren, MI 48093, USA - Warren
    New lights installed this fall, Has no right turn , except on green arrow, there is never a green arrow, automaticly turns green for thru traffic. With an extensive green light for north, south bound traffic.Right turn green arrow seems to be set for rush hour traffic only.
  • 6501 E 11 Mile Road Warren, Michigan - Warren
    There are multiple large potholes going southbound on Mound Road between 12 Mile and 696. Traffic grinds to a halt as vehicles try to avoid them. Even going slow I lost a hub cap on my way into work this morning. The potholes are bad everywhere but I think this location may be the worst.
  • 30901-30999 Dover Ave Warren, MI 48088, USA - Warren
    Need 4 way stop signs. People speed through this intersection while kids are at the corner.
  • E 11 Mile Rd Warren, MI 48091, USA - Warren
    on 11 Mile Rd East of Dequindre, there needs to be a yield sign for drivers coming from the I-696 Service drive that are merging onto 11 Mile Rd. People coming from the i-696 Service Dr are driving too fast...and it's too crazy there.
  • 31335 Blair Warren mi - Warren
    Green Acres Sub and School. My car is falling apart because of the streets in green acres sub. The streets have not been resurfaced since the 1970's. Patching just makes it worse. The school busses and parents dropping off thier kids make the traffic very high at certian times of the day. I shouldn't have to wait 5 minutes to get out of my driveway in the morning when living 4 blocks off a main road.