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  • 2830 East 14 Mile Road Warren, Michigan - Warren
    numerous 10" deep 24" diameter potholes in the right lanes east bound and west bound.
  • East Eleven Mile Road Warren, Michigan - Warren
    Several huge pothole on Westbound side of E Eleven Mile Rd, East of Dequindre
  • Car Archived
    Hartford Drive Warren, Michigan - Warren
    There is a black ram that hasn’t been moved in over a year. The tires are flat and those people have 2 other cars they use. I would like to see something done about it.
  • 3801-3999 Martin Rd Warren, MI 48092, USA - Warren
    Ryan Rd / Martin - we need a trafficlight which shows Left turn only. It's almost not possible to turn into martin rd from ryan rd in rush hour
  • 27001-27199 Milton Ave Warren, MI 48092, USA - Warren
    When heading South on Milton and making a right turn to head west on 11 Mile you can not see oncoming traffic on 11 MIle beacuse of the hedges on the corner house. These hedges need to be removed before someone gets killed.
  • E 11 Mile Rd Warren, MI 48091, USA - Warren
    on 11 Mile Rd East of Dequindre, there needs to be a yield sign for drivers coming from the I-696 Service drive that are merging onto 11 Mile Rd. People coming from the i-696 Service Dr are driving too fast...and it's too crazy there.
  • 30901-30999 Dover Ave Warren, MI 48088, USA - Warren
    Need 4 way stop signs. People speed through this intersection while kids are at the corner.
  • 31335 Blair Warren mi - Warren
    Green Acres Sub and School. My car is falling apart because of the streets in green acres sub. The streets have not been resurfaced since the 1970's. Patching just makes it worse. The school busses and parents dropping off thier kids make the traffic very high at certian times of the day. I shouldn't have to wait 5 minutes to get out of my driveway in the morning when living 4 blocks off a main road.
  • Stephens Rd Between Eureka And Ryan Warren, MI 48093, USA - Warren
    The road is so rough it's like driving on a washboard dirt road. It has been patched several times over the last couple years which is making the problem WORSE. FIX IT RIGHT!!! This program is useless. I reported this 2 years ago and it's worse than it ever was.
  • 28401-28599 Suburban Dr Warren, MI 48088, USA - Warren
    Every day at around 3pm cars come flying down this street. I have reported this to police and haven't seen any squad cars in the area. It is very dangerous for pedestrians, neighbors, and the people driving in the area.
  • 32000-32100 Mound Rd Warren, MI 48092, USA - Warren
    Please fix the stoplights here the traffic build up is crazy none of the lights are timed correctly and we are wasting time, gas and hurting the environment by sitting in traffic
  • Potholes Archived
    27708 Mound Road Warren, Michigan - Warren
    The entire section of southbound Mound, every lane, between 12 Mile and 696 is covered in huge potholes