Brenda Cooper

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Interested neighbor and citizen, also a public official in a different town.

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  • Pleasure Point Ln Bellevue, WA, 98006, USA - Newport Shores
    two trailers and a boat are being permanently stored at the entrance of pleasure point lane. This impedes public access from parking and using the trail. They have been stored there for several months.
  • Tree down Archived
    106th Ave Se Bellevue, WA, 98006, USA - Newport Shores
    Tree snapped and leaning, held up by surrounding trees. Target is trail below.
  • 936 121st Avenue Southeast Bellevue, Washington - Woodbridge
    There is constant graffiti and increased graffiti All over The Trestle on 9th Street in the Woodridge neighborhood and all over the guardrail and all over the road.
    On the opposite side of 9th Street the trees are leaning in about to fall down.
  • 15300 Ne 8 Th Bellevue, Washington - Overlake
    Can someone please report to the right person or clean up? I couldn't figure out where to report it but here.
  • Pot hole Archived
    2110 Bellevue Way Se Bellevue, WA 98004, USA - Enatai
    pot hole
  • 475 112th Ave Se Bellevue WA 98004, USA - Downtown
    big car damaging POT HOLES
  • 716-720 140th Avenue Southeast Bellevue, WA 98007, USA - Lake Hills
    Graffiti on the privacy/sound wall at corner of se 3rd and 140th ne.
  • 13912 Southeast 3rd Place Bellevue, WA 98005, USA - Wilburton
    Graffiti has reappeared on sound wall at the corner of SE 3rd pl and 140 ave se.
  • 520 Between 405 And Lake Sammamish Bellevue/King, WA - Bellevue
    A short while ago I counted more than 50 lights out on 520 between 405 and Redmond. Many of these are at on and off ramps, where light is critical. This has been an issue during the entire dark season
  • Wall design Archived
    Interstate 90 Bellevue, Washington - Enatai
    This old train trestle has a lot of graffiti on it as shown in the pictures provided
  • 13001 Southeast 28th Place Bellevue, Washington - Woodbridge
    Coming from Sequoia Grove Apartments, on SE 28th PL, and trying to take either a left or right turn onto Richard's Road, it is easy to get surprised by southbound traffic especially by vehicles in the curb-side lane. It is because the shrubbery around the power utility control box to the driver's left, significantly blocks the view to the north. That is, when the driver is looking to the left for southbound vehicles.
    Ideally, the shrubbery around the utility control box be removed. Easy to fix that!
  • 2801-2871 Richards Road Bellevue, Washington - Woodbridge
    As semi- trucks drive southbound, they drive over four manhole covers in the 2nd lane from sidewalk. Particularly if the truck is empty, it creates a loud "boom" sound as the deteriorating asphalt around the manhole covers disturb the smooth driving of the trucks tires over that area.
    The two manholes closest to the sidewalk appear to be in worse condition that the ones further out. But it seems to the eye, the section needs to be repaired. Thanks!