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  • 1013 East Duane Avenue Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    Street light in front of 1013 E. Duane Ave. is off, please come to fix it.
  • 996 W El Camino Real Sunnyvale 94087, United States - Sunnyvale

    El Pollo Loco has single-user restrooms that are NOT in compliance with California Assembly Bill 1732, mandating that single-user restrooms be marked as gender-neutral in all establishments providing such accommodations to the general public in the State of California.

    A code enforcement officer is requested to address this infraction with this business.

    Information about this new law can be found here:

  • E. Taylor Ave And Charles Morris Terrace Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    Big pothole in middle of E. Taylor Ave, between storage units and Taylor Morrison housing development (Found8tion).
  • 1001-1005 Homestead Road Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    Traffic light to turn left from Homestead road onto Wright avenue is not sensitive. Often you will have to wait minutes to turn left, even if there is no traffic on Homestead road. Sometimes the left signal will get skipped and you will have to wait through multiple cycles of the lights to get a green.
  • Wolfe Road & Maria Lane Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    The traffic lights turn red for long periods and do so even when there is not any cross traffic. Could these lights please be re-timed?
  • 285 W Ferndale Ave Sunnyvale, CA, 94085, USA - Sunnyvale

    Location: the deadend of W Fernadale Ave, Sunnyvale 94085
    The W Fernadale Ave, Sunnyvale road originally had a street light at the end of the road deadend, and was fine due to it was parking lot behind the wall. But with the new residential building construction, it’s going to be disturbing as the street light is shining directly into the bedroom window as shown in the pic.
    Could the city manager look into this issue and maybe change the direction of the light or move it a few feet away from the wall please?


  • Dunford Way Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    Sign on the pole of the street light that is not working is 1-A-10 and is located on Dunford way.
  • 1393 Borregas Ave Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    The traffic light sensor for northbound Borregas Ave at Caribbean Dr does not detect bicycles (neither in the bike lane nor in the car lane, both of which have a bicycle symbol stenciled on the road).
  • 809 Fife Way Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    Broken street light at 809 Fife Way
  • North Mathilda Avenue Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    pothole on second to the right lane of south bound north mathilda. it is between Moffett Park Dr and 101 south bound entrance.
  • Matilda And Washington Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    Traffic Light for Left turn from Washington W/B onto Matilda too short of a time. Only one or two cars are able to get through and sometimes the light does not turn green when the signals go through their rotation.
  • 1158 Sunnyvale Saratoga Rd Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale

    408 723-5237

    Thank you,

    Streetlight Maintenance Department