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  • 671 E Olive Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94086 - Sunnyvale
    the garbage bin is constantly overflowing, garbage is blown to neighboring properties, dumped furnitue (table, mattress, book shelf, refrigerator)
  • 515 E Mckinley Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA - Sunnyvale
    Someone dumped items across from my house. Can someone please remove dumped debris?
  • 714 San Simeon St. Sunnyvale CA - Sunnyvale
    There has been an olive green Infiniti G35 parked in the same spot for over a week. Seems to be stolen. License plate# 7VHZ268.
  • 808 Inverness Way Sunnyvale, CA 94087, USA - Sunnyvale
    Pole# 4B67
  • 1092 Liege Terrace Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    Homeowner at 1092 Liege Terrace is having backyard landscape work done and disposed of metal debris on the center of the floor of the HOA community trash receptacle area. The debris consists of sharp, rusty metal stakes that are causing a safety hazard.
  • 20201-20299 Homestead Rd Cupertino, CA 95014, USA - Sunnyvale
    PLEASE FIX this SIDEWALK HAZARD, located on the sidewalk in the middle of the block between Canary & Blue Jay on Homestead (north side of the street). A concrete utility cover (adjacent to the street light) is so badly damaged that there are large gaps 4-5 inches deep. This presents a trip & fall hazard for pedestrians. Thank you for your attention to this hazard.
  • 1697 South Wolfe Road Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    The left turn light Eastbound from E. Homestead Road to Quail Road does not trigger for left turners. I sat through four cycles, including one cycle where a left turner was in the Westbound left turn bay -- that turn did trigger, but the Eastbound one never did.
  • 670 Azara Pl Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    A black 2-seater couch was dumped on the sidewalk
  • 646-652 Arbutus Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94086 - Sunnyvale
    abandoned safway shopping cart on the sidewalk
  • 1602 Heron Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94087, USA - Sunnyvale
    Pole# 4B66 at SE corner of Heron and Inverness will not ignite
  • N Mathilda And Lockheed Martin Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    The traffic lights at the N Mathilda and Lockheed Martin Way intersection stay red the entire time. Last Thursday and this morning, we all waited at the light for over 5 minutes and it never changed. Everyone just started running through the red light.
  • 1299 Sesame Ct Sunnyvale, CA 94087 - Sunnyvale
    Sidewalk dangerously pushed up by tree. One of the utility covers in broken. In front of the California Water Service property.