District 4: Carmen Chu

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  • 1496-1492 La Playa Street San Francisco, CA - Outer Sunset
    Two large trash bags were left on the median strip in front of my home. Bags split and trash all over. I examined the trash and found a Walgreen's photo developing envelope. I sent her an email requesting she take back her trash. No response. People often leave trash here and everyone in the neighborhood is tired of cleaning up. We all plant and maintain the median strip in front of our homes. Lazy, insensitive filth like this lady create work and expense for all of us.
  • 2550 45th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94116, USA - Parkside
    White Toyota Tacoma has been parked in the same residential curb space for 5 days as of Monday April 1. One neighbor placed a note on the car for the owner to move it, but apparently the owner had not been around to see it.
  • Overgrown Lot Archived
    1801-1819 48th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122, USA - Outer Sunset
    SF Housing Authority property that is not being cleaned up. Trash covers the front lawn and sidewalks.Sand piled up in driveways. Garage doors continuously left open because they don't seem to close properly. Residents throw bread in sidewalk for pigeons.
  • 1924 Lincoln Way San Francisco, CA 94122 - US Congressional District CA8

    I'd like to see this traffic light at the intersection of 20th Ave. and Lincoln removed. It's so close to 19th ave. that it provides virtually no added benefit in terms of traffic calming; yet combined in close proximity with the 19th ave. light it creates _huge_ bottlenecks for eastbound traffic. You can literally wait 5 minutes just to get through these two lights on a crowded day.

    One light here is enough. Two is too many.


  • 1404-1406 40th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122, USA - Outer Sunset
    Telephone cover caved in at 40th and Judah
  • 1290-1298 27th Ave San Francisco, CA 94122, USA - Outer Sunset
    There is a tree at 1296 29th ave (corner house of 29th and Irving) that is so overgrown it's almost impossible to walk under.
  • 1563 28th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122, USA - Outer Sunset
    The business violates residential zoning code. Business operation interferes with residential neighborhood living by increasing traffic and noise level. This business operates under the name "Angel in the Sunset." This home business utilizes livings space in the dwelling as well as the back yard, driveway, sidewalk, public parking spaces and street. Customers often double park, and block driveways, creating traffic safety hazard.
  • 1563 28th Ave San Francisco CA 94116, USA - Outer Sunset
    This complaint is concerning Angels in the Sunset located at 1563 28th Ave, San Francisco, 94122. Business operates in a residential home in a residential zoned neighborhood. It has impeded negatively on its neighbors: customer pick up and drop off creates hazardous traffic condition via double parking and blocked driveway. Operation exceeded beyond the said premises and has extended to the back yard and street. Noise level has also been increased.
  • 1334 42nd Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122, USA - Outer Sunset
    Mattress and small furniture
  • 2450 Santiago Street San Francisco, CA 94116, USA - Parkside
    Youths drug dealing at bus stop at 36th Avenue and Sunset Blvd. They sit there all day on the bus stop bench dealing in the neighborhood.
  • Noriega Between Sunset And Great Hwy - Outer Sunset
    Supervisor Carman Chu announced in her monthy newsletter that work on this section of Noriega will start in December. The 3.2 million dollar project will also include sewer improvements.
  • 1250 31st Avenue San Francisco, CA - Outer Sunset
    Ramp set up to debris box blocking sidewalk forcing people to walk into street. With the trucks double parked next to box must walk into middle of street into oncoming traffic to get past. Just watched a woman and two kids do it. Can find no permit for street blockage or debris box. Debris box does not appear to conform to city standards re: reg & id #s, reflectors and striping. This is the third time they have done this & have reported previously with no results. No one ever comes - I have dirct view of property. Note garage door replaced but shown on building permits.