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  • 701-799 N 5th St Richmond, VA 23219, USA - Biotech And MCV District
    The ramp starting at 5th street leading to 95south is broken to pieces and deep holes. The section at the beginning , in the turn, is dangerous especially for the heavy traffic it gets.
  • City Hall - Capitol District

    SeeClickFix requests being closed before actually being fixed results in duplicate requests as CSR's. I can't even imagine what a nightmare this is on the back end for DPU etc.

    Please acknowledge requests, and only close them once the issue is confirmed fixed. This system can work better for everyone!

    Thanks for your hard work.

  • Alley Between Belmont/Sheppard And Ellwood/Floyd Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District
    Many of the garbage cans in the alley are missing lids. They've filled with water and you can see the Mosquitos breeding. Can we get some lids? Or new cans? Thanks!
  • 1100 Bank Street Richmond, VA 23219, USA - Capitol District
    White out in front of Capitol. 2nd time submitted.
  • West Side Of Boulevard Btwn Grace & Monument Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District
    2 overflowing cans of garbage that have not been picked up in weeks. Rocket Scientists just keep piling on. Walked dog by location at dusk the other night, rats the size of small cats having a field day!
  • Dock Street Beneath Intermediate Terminal Richmond, VA - Capitol District
    This is sad...person's gotta have a place to live. On the other hand, if I were visiting Richmond to ride the Cap to Cap Bike Trail and saw this, I think that would leave a pretty strong impression about the city. Not a good one.
  • 100 North 9th Street Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District
    There is a dead tree in the planters and it has been dead for a long time. There is also an ongoing problem with the planters. They don't drain when there is rain. The gutters surrounding them are clogged up so the rain just pours down the street to the River. The plans in them look awful but most of the plants have died. And there is A LOT of trash that collects in them - and they are rarely, if ever, cleaned out - the trash just eventually washes down the street. Please get this fixed before the bike race!
  • Pothole! Archived
    I-195 North Off Ramp Laburnum Exit, Richmond, VA - Capitol District
    Growing pothole at bottom of off ramp @ Stop sign.
    getting worse every day.
    People's vehicles are being damaged (ball joints are a Safety Inspection item & expensive to replace)
  • POTHOLES Archived
    1400 Block Of East Broad Stree Richmond, Virginia - Biotech And MCV District
  • E Broad St Richmond, VA - Biotech And MCV District
    No Curb Ramps, Crosswalks, and missing Pedestrian Signal heads. Area needs to be made more pedestrian friendly.
  • 600 E. Grace St Richmond, VA - City Center
    It's been over 2 years (!!!) since the accident that caused the street light pole to be removed. Since it doesn't appear that the light is going to be replaced it might be in the City's best interest to do something about what's shown in the photograph as soon as possible before someone gets hurt and sues you. It would be an easy case as you can see by the photo I have attached. Did I mention that it's been like this for 2 years??!! Located on Grace Street near the bus stop between 6th and 7th Streets.
  • Other Archived
    1121-1299 Bank Street Richmond, VA 23219, USA - Capitol District
    Crosswalk needs to be reprinted at 12th and Bank St.