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  • 110-212 North Avenue Elizabeth, New Jersey - Elizabeth
    It's just a huge mess, really.
  • 622 Montgomery St ELIZABETH, nj - Elizabeth

    Need help large back yard


  • remove snow Archived
    622 Montgomery St. elizabeth, nj - Elizabeth

    large backyard


  • 1342-1368 North Avenue Elizabeth, New Jersey - Elizabeth
    4 large potholes on North Avenue
  • 465 North Ave Elizabeth, NJ 07208, USA - Elizabeth
    By Westfield Ave to Elmore is a mess needs to be fixed
  • North Ave E Elizabeth, NJ, 07201, USA - Elizabeth
    On a dark night, I hit a pothole on North Ave E. Heading southwest beyond Dowd Ave.
    I completely bent and cracked my rim beyond repair. Now I am in the hole $600 for a replacement. I drive past this location every day, and always see cars pulled off into the shoulder beyond this hole, causing me to believe they must have hit it as well. It is still not repaired!!! Please fix this ASAP!
  • 622 Montgomery St. Elizabeth , NJ - Elizabeth
  • Division Street Elizabeth, NJ - Elizabeth
    There are no visible lines where double yellow lines should pe painted.
  • (potholes) Archived
    390 North Ave E Elizabeth, NJ 07201 - Elizabeth
    Potholes after the bridge going East before the turn to go North to Ikea. If you go South it is Jersey Gardens
    Potholes making your drive a nightmare? Navigate to it on the map and report it here
  • 1198 N Fleet St Elizabeth, NJ 07201, USA - Elizabeth
    I live on Manhattan between JFK and Tonnelle ave. My family had a couple of close calls with speedy drivers on Manhattan ave (including my 2 toddlers as they were crossing the st. holding my hands), specially from JFK towards liberty ave. At night where there it's light traffic you have drivers with those speedy cars and regular as well speeding through Manhattan ave with no regards of any pedestrian crossing. There was a kids crossing street sign in the area but someone drove right into it. There are lot of kids in that area crossing with their parents to go to mosquito park or adults just to get to their cars. As much as i would hate for a speed bump on Manhattan ave, it is really needed for the safety of my kids and others.
  • 901-917 Meadow St Elizabeth, NJ 07201, USA - Elizabeth
    The lights on Rt 81 ramp, leading from North Ave. to Rt 1&9 North are not working and the area is very dark.
  • 28 Amity St Elizabeth, NJ 07202, USA - Elizabeth
    owner built basement without any permits. plumbing,electrical, flooring, main drain pipes,