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  • 1521 Lansing Ave Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
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    5011 Stafford Ave Lansing Michigan - Lansing
    This house has cars park in the street overnight all the time. Please have a police car drive down Stafford Ave between Jolly and Syringa after 2:00am. The license plate number of the black car in the background is DDS 8737. This is a rental house with no respect for city ordinances or it's neighbors.
  • 506 Allen Street Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    Comercial bus parked in the street for days at a time, blocking view of on coming cars.
  • 400 Block Of Regent Lansing, MI - Lansing

    Someone from code compliance needs to visit the neighborhood. Some of us keep our yards/ houses in good condition. However there are many code violations on the block i.e. Trash, run down exteriors, unlicensed rentals, abanfoned house with roof falling in, etc. multiple calls to code compliance office gets no results.

    Someone needs to help!

  • 836 Dornell Lansing Charter Township, MI - Lansing
    This property has been in disrepair for several years now. Tarps on roof, Tree on roof, overgrown yard. This property hasn't been occupied for several years and it needs to be stepped up in the process of make safe or demolish.
  • 418 Allen St Lansing Michigan - Lansing
    Toys & trash constantly block use of the sidewalk, grass is uncut (approx. 8'' tall), trash, toys, and furniture are scattered all across their yard and spreads to surrounding neighbors' yards.
    This has been posted for nearly a year on this website, and still nothing has changed. The current tenants at this property treat their yard and neighbor's yards like a trash pile and are a nuisance to other neighbors, and the landlord obviously doesn't care. We've had to call the police non-emergency number nearly every week to complain about loud fights (and 911 in one instance of gun shots) in the middle of the night. It's very disturbing to wake up in the middle of the night to a yelling match in front of your house. I'm at a loss as to what to do.
  • 833 Irvington Avenue Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    The homeowner has a history of leaving the grass grow above 8 inches and when he is forced to cut the lawn he lets it grow again to another 8 inches or longer just keeps repeating the pattern he also has broken limbs in the driveway the house is an eyesore
  • 4417 Lowcroft Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    trash everywhere also.
  • 814 Samantha Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    Van was red tagged but owner moved to house driveway and has now covered top of van and where tag was, as she removed it. Still doesn't have current tags. She also has 2 more vehicles at her other house at the corner of Samantha and Southgate,4504 Southgate. This house also has many faults, porch railing, trash weeds along fence and much much more. It is a mess to look at. Please help to get this cleaned up
  • 1920 Forest Ave. Lansing, MI - Lansing
    This issue is one that the Code of Compliance office has been aware of since the end of May. I sent in a complaint at that time about the condition of the property at 1920 Forest Ave. The next morning a inspector from your office came out to inspect the property. Found the violations, sent a letter to the homeowner. A week passed and there was no action by the homeowner or the other occupant to take care of the unkempt yard. I contacted the inspector via email.... and was informed that the homeowner was given an extension..... again another week and a half went by with very little effort made to clean the property up. The last few days of the before the reinspection, progress was made by the homeowner's son, (who resides with the homeowner). The property was apparently reinspected . After waiting for several days for some kind of notification from the inspector and getting nothing I emailed him as to the status of the complaint that I filed. The response was that the noted violations had been brought into compliance with code. How ever the makeshift privacy fence and tall weeds still remained. I responded with much displeasure to the inspector, because of the unaddressed violations. The next morning the inspector again visited the the property at 1920 Forest Ave. and the homeowner's son mowed and got rid of debris, again failing to address the makeshift privacy fence and weeds along the chain link fence along the south property line.
    Now it is my contention that REGARDLESS of the long standing and ongoing issues between the homeowner's and other inhabitants of the properties of 1920 and 1924 Forest Ave. Lansing, Mi. 48910, a code violations remain code violations, and the homeowner with the violations need to be made to comply fully.
    It is also my intention to visit the office of the City Attorney's office and file further complaints as to the property of 1920 Forest Ave including forwarding emails and photos from this complaint and actions taken by your office.
    Kimber Lawrence
  • 1624 James St Lansing, Michigan - Lansing

    NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO CLEAN UP 1624 JAMES ST! Exactly what does the neighborhood need to do to make the City of Lansing understand that slumlords that do not maintain their rental properties are ruining neighborhoods? The city of Lansing is all about new development and in the pocket of developers like the Gillespies and others but home owners who are the tax base of this city do not count. Would we be able to get attention to this issue if we sue the city for not enforcing rental codes? For over 2 years we have been reporting 1624 and 1616 James St, Lansing 48906 and NOTHING has been done.

    1624 has a broken trailer full of garbage parked in front of neighbors home on Dwight St. This garbage is the junk that has been reported for the last 2 years. They don't get rid of it.. They pile in the garage and in this broken trailer and the garage. The tank in this pic does not have a valve on it. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO CLEAN UP 1624 JAMES ST!

  • Has not moved Archived
    1128 Dakin St Lansing, MI - Lansing
    The red Chrysler that is backed into the driveway almost to the garage has not moved in 2 years. It just sits there.