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  • Broad River Bridge On River Drive Columbia, SC - Columbia
    This project has not only taken too long, taken out a beautiful handicapped ramp with gate, but also closed our area of the Riverfront Park of the Three Rivers Greenway at the most beautiful end of Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park at the Diversion Dam. We have no access from 2 sides of this popular place where many types of birds come to eat 2 times a day, have missed out on the spring and summer tours of the fish tracking system in SC from here down to the Mississippi and the ocean and back. Joggers, bikers, USC running team, walkers alone or with families, and those who live in housing subdivisions, condos, and nice apartment complexes no longer have egress to our park nor to the rest of the Riverfront Park downtown to enjoy. It's like we NEVER had a park! It should NEVER take this long to build a bridge but fast to destroy what we had and the handicapped people who could go to the park from thew bridge. I wonder how much it cost to place that access there and if it will ever be returned for the handicapped. The way it looks now, it may NEVER be back! Traffic is horrible and hard to get onto Broad River from there nor go from Bentley Drive across to River Drive to Skyland Estates. It has needed a working red light for years not a caution light. We just had a death there several weeks ago from an accident as 2 - 3 cars were involved with one going over into the river. When is this park, handicapped ramp, and bridge no longer going to be MIA (MISSING IN ACTION)!? This is a total travesty, waste of time, taken away from property values, and should have never been redesigned this way. WE almost lost the one side of the bridge last spring from a rain storm with the barge holding a crane leaning towards falling into the almost one side of the completed other end of this bridge!
  • 7251 Garners Ferry Rd Columbia, SC - Columbia
    There are several hotels on E. Exchange Blvd, where many tourists who are not fully familiar with the area attempt to make danger left turns across busy lanes of traffic off of E. Exchange onto Garners Ferry Road.
  • Columbiana Drive Columbia, SC - Columbia
    The road coming in to the back of the mall is in terrible shape. There are so many bumps potholes, it is ridiculous. update: they sent some guys out to fix it but they have only made it worse. Now there is a really bad bump in the transition between the two foxed spaces. Also, the "fixed" spaces are bumpy and not smooth at all.
  • Jaywalking Archived
    1931 Assembly Street Columbia, SC - Columbia
    Early Morning Jaywalkers 6:45-7:00 am. Step out into traffic, no regard for crosswalks - need to be policed before another pedestrian gets hit in this area.
  • Columbiana Dr Columbia, SC - Lexington County
    The traffic lights need to be adjusted so that there is not a traffic jam at the intersection of Columbianna Drive and Harbison Blvd. It is a shame that SCDOT cannot synchronize the lights so that all of the traffice coming from Columbianna Drive does not pile up in the intersection in front of Chic - Fil- A causing more traffic pile ups!!!
  • 103 Bradstone Rd Irmo, SC - Columbia
    The entire Glen Ridge subdivision, mostly Bradstone Road, is plagued by destroyed sections of street and has been for YEARS. This is shameful.
  • I-20 West Exit 63-55 Lexington, South Carolina - Columbia
    there are really big craters on I20 after mile marker 63, If a motorcycle hit one, it would cause one to lose control, there are several there.
  • Brennen Rd Columbia, SC - Columbia
    We’ve been trying for the last three year’s to get three way stop sign’s or speed bump on brennen rd. The city did a 24 hour traffic count and there was 2,610 car’s went up the road & 2,405 down the road top speed 60 MPH The speed limit is 30MPH! We was told they would have to get approval from the highway dept. to do anything! We talk to the city and they’ll send a car to run radar they’ll set around for 10 to 20 minutes in the middle of the day when there’s not much going on! The big problem is between 6:00am to 9:30am & 2:30pm until! They’ve put speed bump’s down on all the side street’s around here that there’s probably not 10 car’s a day use’s!! There’s also signs on the ends of the road that say (thru trucks prohibited) but those big trucks cut thru anyway!! Thank You
  • Hallbrook Dr Columbia, SC - Columbia
    Busy, dangerous intersection at Hallbrook Dr and Caughman Rd has no traffic light. Busy road and Caughman Road Elementary School make for a dangerous combination.
  • Elmwood Ave Columbia, SC - Columbia
    There are two right turn lanes onto Elmwood from heading south on Bull. The inside lane frequently makes the turn and turns too wide, going one or two lanes left from where they should be.
  • Clemson Rd Columbia, SC - Columbia
    need a light at clemson and percival
  • 237 King Charles Rd Columbia Richland, SC - Columbia
    mosquitoes rats snakes hole in ground where swimming pool is located dangerous