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Watching issues created after: 2011-04-08

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  • 6433-6563 Broadway Ave Cleveland, Ohio - South Broadway
    handicap can't use this stretch. it's also very depressing
  • Pot holes Archived
    E. 36th Cleveland, OH - Goodrich-Kirkland
    There are two major pot holes on E. 36th between Euclid and Chester.
  • Rt. 480 Eastbound Cleveland, OH 44113, USA - Ohio City-West Side
    Eastbound traffic on 480 leaving Cleveland and trying to get on to Rt 422 TO GEAUGA COUNTY is invariably shot off in the wrong direction by another Rt 422 sign. Traffic has no way to know to ignore the 1st Rt. 422 sign, has to cross several lanes and merge far left, then cross several lanes immeiately again to the right, then hope they have the right road back to the 422 leading into Geauga County. This occurs near Exti 26 and should be clearly marked Geauga County.
  • POTHOLES Archived
    18606 Neff Rd Cleveland, OH 44119, USA - North Collinwood
  • 12300 St Clair Ave Cleveland, OH 44108, USA - Forest Hills
    Did I see on the satellite map that the Shell station is now gone? Looking for feedback.
  • Graffiti Archived
    2406 Professor Ave Cleveland, OH 44113, USA - Tremont
  • 2500-2598 Chester Ave Cleveland, OH 44115, USA - Downtown
    There are large 3-lane wide speed bumps in the road. They have been there for a while. They are getting worse and worse each thaw/freeze cycle. Pretty soon you are going to need 4-wheel drive to get over them.
  • 901 Spring Rd Cleveland, OH 44109, USA - Old Brooklyn
    When you get off I176 southbound at the Spring Road exit it is a four lane highway. You expect it to be 35mph speed limit yet there is no posted speed limit. It seems there is a 25mph speed limit yet a Cleveland officer pulls people over for speeding before they reach the speed limit sign. Another Cleveland police speed trap. I doubt there is a speed sign on the bridge for people getting off at Spring road from the other direction. Save us all from Cleveland Police.
  • 2423-2499 Silverdale Ave Cleveland, OH 44109, USA - Old Brooklyn
    on silverdale ave and W 25th st there is a big pot hole that needs to be filled.
  • test Archived
    7119 Chester Ave Cleveland, OH 44103, USA - Hough
  • test2 Archived
    2163-2199 E 40th St Cleveland, OH 44103, USA - Central
  • 4045 W 49th St Cleveland, OH 44144, USA - Old Brooklyn
    At the light on W. 49th st and Park Dr. theres a huge pot hole that is getting bigger everyday and your can can have damages due to it. It needs to get fixed ASAP.