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Watching issues created after: 2011-04-08

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  • Traffic Light Archived
    18801 Nottingham Rd Cleveland, OH 44110, USA - South Collinwood
    This intersection needs a LEFT Turn arrow for drivers. It is heavily traveled and too dangerous to attempt a left turn without the secured assistance of an arrow. Typically you can't see beyond the oncoming traffic that this turning left..that is what makes it so treacherous.
  • PanHandling Archived
    1475-1499 E 26th St Cleveland, OH 44114, USA - Goodrich-Kirkland
    Black guy pan handling- asking people to roll down their windows and asking them for money. Funny thing is- hes nicely dressed. I drive by here every morning. I see him every day-and find it ironic that he could be going to work just like me, if he attempted at trying to find a job instead of begging people for their hard earned money.
  • Pothole hell Archived
    5001-5173 Track Ave Cleveland, OH 44127, USA - North Broadway
    From Mead ave to House Ct. Track ave is full of 2-3' deep pot holes.
  • Thieves Archived
    3082 Otokar Ave Cleveland, OH 44127, USA - North Broadway
    The people who live in the white house near Otakar ave are scrap thieves. They spend all night carrying scrap they steal out of Cleveland scrap through the holes in the fences along Track ave.
  • 2077 E 30th St Cleveland, OH 44115, USA - Central
    When is this part going to be finished? The rest of 30th has been completed for months now.
  • Community College Av & E 22nd St Cleveland, OH 44115, USA - Central

    I dropped my grandmother off who is 87 years old a few days ago. I parked my car along the curb and ran to get a wheel chair. When I got back to the car an officer was standing at it. He told me I could not park here and I needed to move right away. I tried to explain to him my grandmothers condition and he wanted no part of it.

    This "security officer" obviously wants so bad to have more power then he has.

    St. Vincent Administration please handel this quickly so other incoming patients don't have to deal with this officer before too much of the power he thinks he has goes to his head.

  • 14018 Hale Av Cleveland, OH - North Collinwood
    Street light has ben out for over a week and is in a bad place, Makes the whole section of the street dark...We have called the hotline everyday to no avail... Thank you
  • 16801-16803 Lorain Ave Cleveland, OH 44111, USA - Kamm's Corner
    Broken light cover
  • 13712 Othello Ave. Cleveland, OH - North Collinwood
    street light at this address has been out almost one year.
  • test Archived
    1906 E 40th St Cleveland, OH - Goodrich-Kirkland
  • 14600-15198 Darwin Ave Cleveland, OH 44110, USA - North Collinwood
    Turn lane that goes into the Railyard behind the Cleve. Foodbank is horrible. Looks like the road is made up of playdough the ruts from semi trucks makes the road look as if it had sand dunes on it.
  • 2866 E 55th St Cleveland, OH 44127, USA - North Broadway
    RTA train station