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  • pot hole Archived
    2501-2665 Carnegie Ave Cleveland, OH 44115, USA - Central
    Giant pot hole in left east bound lane that everyone tries to miss but can't.
  • 3776 Archwood Ave brooklyn, OH - Brooklyn Center
    Too many petty drug dealers going in and out, networking with cell phones and selling to drive up customers, fighting, non residents entering building that are under the influence, and knocking on doors. Loud music played after 11 pm, arguments, you name it. Management is responsive but can only do so much. We need the police to come through and do a sweep. We have school children in the area, and this has got to stop.
  • 2800 E 64th St Cleveland, OH 44127, USA - Kinsmith
    Friday was trash day. Today is Sunday. It probably wasn't picked up because animals got into it, and trash is all over. This us a vacant house. Neighbors usually put their trash in front of the vacant house so that when this happens they can't be held accountable.
  • 850 Vincent Ave Cleveland, OH 44114, USA - Downtown
    There is a guy who will sit on the tree bed next to CVS and he always asks in the same tone "got a little change?" as you approach. More often than not when I reply "no" or "sorry, no cash" he will yell at me calling me names, telling me I ALWAYS say that and so on. I have heard him do this to others as well. Some days I will cross over to the other side of Euclid but he switches sides too. It's really troublesome because I absolutely dread that area. The aggressiveness is borderline mugging. I never know how he will react next since he gets so angry at me.
  • 6211 Francis Ave Cleveland, OH 44127, USA - North Broadway
  • 2923 E 61st St Cleveland, OH 44127, USA - North Broadway
    E 61st & Francis/ 44127
  • Troy Lee James Highway Cleveland, OH 44127, USA - North Broadway
  • Settler'S Landing Walkway Cleveland, OH 44113, USA - Downtown
    Wtf? Can't tell what train is going where when
  • 2867 East 64th Street Cleveland, OH 44127, USA - North Broadway
  • Bumpy Road Archived
    4503 Fenwick Avenue Cleveland, OH 44102, USA - Detroit Shoreway
    This needs fixed!
  • Pothole Archived
    18812 Nottingham Road Cleveland, OH 44110, USA - South Collinwood
    There are some pretty decent potholes that needs to be fixed.
  • 3966-3998 Grand Army Of The Republic Highway Cleveland, Ohio - Goodrich-Kirkland
    There is a huge pothole beneath the bridge in the right lane at corner of East 40th and Superior Avenue. Please fill it in or cover it a.s.a.p..