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Watching issues created after: 2011-04-08

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  • 3396-3398 West 52nd Street Cleveland, Ohio - Stockyards
    I've been riding over a long stretch of unfilled potpoles on this street for at least 2 years!! I can't how many people in the neighborhood have received flat tires as a result of these holes!
    Please fill them.
  • 4419 West 53rd Street Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    There is a long stretch of multiple potholes on West 53 street. You can almost see them on the satellite map! But they're hidden between the shade of the trees. Please fill them in.
  • 6214 Francis Avenue Cleveland, OH - North Broadway
    Someone really needs to take a look at Cleveland's mass transit system. RTA personnel for the most part are down right rude. Just come thru the turnstyles any weekday morning at Tower City.
    Few if any of the signs work in Tower City. Staff there can't tell you when the next train is running in any direction.
    Trains stop running at midnight, but the Casino is open 24/7.
    Story is they have signage, but the woman who now is responsible for it, doesn't know how to program. Hence nothing works.
    If trains are late, etc, there's no communication between departments. I had to call customer service one morning the other week just to find out where the train was.
    Not enough lines for rail or bus, etc.
    And the list goes on and on.
  • 18509-18515 Nottingham Road Cleveland, Ohio - North Collinwood
    Nottingham Road North side of the CSX rail bridge
    The east side sidewalk next to the CSX bridge is blocked by heavy vine and plant growth extending out way over the sidewalk.
    This needs to be cut way back to allow safe use of the sidewalk by both pedestrians and others such as I who ride my bike trying to safely get to and from St Clair------
  • 11705 Parkview Ave Cleveland, Ohio - Buckeye Shaker
    Nabor dumping
  • 2941-2999 West 30th Street Cleveland, Ohio - Ohio City-West Side
    Starting in the northbound lane at corner of Walton Avenue is a series of HUGE "cemetery plot-sized" pot holes stretching all the way to Wade Avenue. Seriously, there are more potholes in that one area then I can possibly count! Some of them are large enough to fit an adult sized bicycle in! PLEASE repair these a.s.a.p. or at least place some orange cones over there.
  • 4656 Broadview Road Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    Right at the inter-section where Broadview Road meets Schaaf Road is a huge deep pot hole that traffic in both lanes seem to run into regularly . It's easy to find on a clear day but unavoidable at night!
  • 2112 Ralph Avenue Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    At the corner of Ralph Avenue and Broadview Road is a pothole that covers both lanes of Ralph Avenue! It's big enough to hide a grand piano and STILL have room leftover to lay down in it!
    PLEASE do something about this before someone gets killed falling into it or driving over it!
  • 5120-5198 Broadview Road Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    There are multiple potholes at corner or Brookpark Road and Broadview Road on either side or the street. Please patch these up!!
  • Potholes Archived
    19707 Pawnee Ave - North Collinwood
    Street big potholes
  • Potholes Archived
    Pawnee Avenue - North Collinwood
    Big potholes Pawnee E 185th end right hand side of street.
  • 19710 Pawnee Avenue Cleveland, OH 44119, USA - North Collinwood
    Continuously early morning before 6 late at night complaints previously