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Watching issues created after: 2011-04-08

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  • 101 W St Clair Ave Cleveland, OH 44113, USA - Downtown
    Beware E/B, noone can figure out that the right lane is right turn only at Ontario,and will sideswipe you to go through illegally !
  • 3001-3107 Carnegie Ave Cleveland, OH 44115, USA - Central
    30th south bound turning left onto Carnegie, the green arrow to turn left hasn't been running for months which causes a great traffic inconvenience.
  • 984 Ivanhoe Rd Cleveland, OH 44110, USA - South Collinwood
    This is an accident waiting to happen at a five point intersection. It's like your playing a game to see who can make it. Please find a way to fix this.
  • Martin Luther King Drive Cleveland, OH - Mt Pleasant
    Martin Luther King Drive. This road is awful. Driving in to the Veterans Hospital starting under the overpass. People with bad back etc it is a very hard ride.
  • Waterloo Rd And E 200th St. - North Collinwood
    Please fix this traffic signal. This signal will cycle over and over again late at night before it allows you to make a left turn onto northbound 200th frm eastbound Waterloo Rd. Many people know the signal is malfunctioning so they blow through the red light. It is a dangerous game.
  • test2 Archived
    2163-2199 E 40th St Cleveland, OH 44103, USA - Central
  • 2013 Columbus Rd Cleveland, OH 44113, USA - Tremont
    Right before abby when coming up the hill from the flats
  • 200th St And St.Clair - Cleveland
    blocking of the intersection coming off 200th st turning right on st.clair. and people on st.clair blocking the turn on 200th st.
  • corner market Archived
    9807 Lorain Ave Cleveland, OH 44102, USA - West Boulevard
    a lot of vagrants that intimidate people.
  • 1970-2104 Scranton Rd Cleveland, OH 44113, USA - Tremont
    Pot holes, cracks,water leaks, flooding after rain. Flooding with no rain too! A genuine urban survival course!
    Lots of fun now in winter since it freezes up!
  • 30th And Prospect Cleveland Cleveland, OH - Central
    30th northbound needs a left turn signal at Prospect. Rush hour it is a nightmare to get to 90 east or west. Sometimes sit for 3 lights before able to turn left.
  • Lorain Avenue And West 140th St. Cleveland, OH - Jefferson
    The induction-loop sensors in the turn lanes at this intersection don't seem to be working correctly. The green arrow illuminates regardless if there are vehicles on the sensors or not, preventing through traffic from proceeding. Please repair/replace as deemed necessary. Thanks.