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  • 3001-3107 Carnegie Ave Cleveland, OH 44115, USA - Central
    30th south bound turning left onto Carnegie, the green arrow to turn left hasn't been running for months which causes a great traffic inconvenience.
  • 5095-5199 Ridge Rd Cleveland, OH 44129, USA - Old Brooklyn
    Ridge Road S (at the 480E & 480W exits) has a new traffic pattern. The traffic lights have been changed with an angled arrow to alert traffic to veer to the left, however the lanes are not marked accordingly! Many near miss accidents!!
  • 7200 Denison Ave. Cleveland, OH - Stockyards
    Both east and west bound sings are still there but are pointing towards the railroad tracks at this bridge. This not too dangerous for familiar drivers but is for novice drivers to this area.
  • West 150th And Coe Cleveland, Ohio - Puritas Longmead
    This is another traffic light in West Park that stops traffic on a main arterial unnecessarily, even in the late night hours. Perhaps it could be put into flash mode?
  • Ivanhoe Road Cleveland - South Collinwood
    Our cars are being destroyed and minor patches continue to cave in and create even worse conditions!
  • 2423-2499 Silverdale Ave Cleveland, OH 44109, USA - Old Brooklyn
    on silverdale ave and W 25th st there is a big pot hole that needs to be filled.
  • Thieves Archived
    3082 Otokar Ave Cleveland, OH 44127, USA - North Broadway
    The people who live in the white house near Otakar ave are scrap thieves. They spend all night carrying scrap they steal out of Cleveland scrap through the holes in the fences along Track ave.
  • 901 Spring Rd Cleveland, OH 44109, USA - Old Brooklyn
    When you get off I176 southbound at the Spring Road exit it is a four lane highway. You expect it to be 35mph speed limit yet there is no posted speed limit. It seems there is a 25mph speed limit yet a Cleveland officer pulls people over for speeding before they reach the speed limit sign. Another Cleveland police speed trap. I doubt there is a speed sign on the bridge for people getting off at Spring road from the other direction. Save us all from Cleveland Police.
  • Pothole hell Archived
    5001-5173 Track Ave Cleveland, OH 44127, USA - North Broadway
    From Mead ave to House Ct. Track ave is full of 2-3' deep pot holes.
  • PanHandling Archived
    1475-1499 E 26th St Cleveland, OH 44114, USA - Goodrich-Kirkland
    Black guy pan handling- asking people to roll down their windows and asking them for money. Funny thing is- hes nicely dressed. I drive by here every morning. I see him every day-and find it ironic that he could be going to work just like me, if he attempted at trying to find a job instead of begging people for their hard earned money.
  • 2500-2598 Chester Ave Cleveland, OH 44115, USA - Downtown
    There are large 3-lane wide speed bumps in the road. They have been there for a while. They are getting worse and worse each thaw/freeze cycle. Pretty soon you are going to need 4-wheel drive to get over them.
  • Graffiti Archived
    2406 Professor Ave Cleveland, OH 44113, USA - Tremont