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  • 561-683 Superior Ave Cleveland, Ohio - Downtown
    Crosswalk signals are out
  • 3737 Pearl Road Cleveland, Ohio - Brooklyn Center
    This specific ROAD HAZARD consist of a squared off hole in the center of the street (about 1.5 ft. deep with a manhole in the center of it). I've damaged my vehicle TWICE on the SAME whole within the past 2 months!! PLEASE FIX THIS A.S.A.P.! It's located directly across from the library in the middle lane. If you're headed south bound, you can't help but run over it daily!
  • E 152nd Cleveland Oh - South Collinwood
    Potholes and bumps in road are unbearable! The fix that was put down just south of I90 is already ruined, not even week later.
  • pothole Open
    5083-5117 Ridge Road Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    huge pot hole - could swollow your entire tire!
  • Lake Shore Blvd Eat Of Neff Rd Cleveland , OH - North Collinwood
    Potholes too many to list. This street is horrible!
  • pothole Archived
    1801-1819 Ford Dr Cleveland, OH 44106, USA - University District
    Deep pothole
  • pothole Archived
    11301-11401 Bellflower Ct Cleveland, OH 44106, USA - University District
    Quite deep pothole
  • 3569 W 136th St Cleveland, Ohio - Jefferson
  • 18917 Ironwood Ave Cleveland, OH 44110, USA - South Collinwood
    the traffic sign and post is on the tree lawn of the house on the corner of Ironwood and Melville going East the sign belongs at Mellville and E 187
  • Steelyard Dr Cleveland, OH 44109, USA - Tremont
    The bike/pedestrian all-purpose path that runs behind Stelyard Commons to Jennings, at the end of it where it transitions to the Jennings Rd. bike lane has a curb about 10 inches high. Riders from the Jennings bike lane to the all-purpose path and visa versa have to dismount lift and carry their bikes over this curb. The curb needs to be knocked down and tapered from path level to street level to allow a smooth transition from one to another.
  • 16800 S Waterloo Rd Cleveland, OH 44119, USA - North Collinwood
    The bike lanes along S. Waterloo from E. 152nd to E. 185 are full of debris. Especially the south side lane, it is full of broken glass, gravel, caked mud and metal pieces/parts, looks like a result of truck traffic to/from local scrap yard businesses.
  • pothole Archived