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  • 18400 Schenely Ave Cleveland, OH 44119, USA - North Collinwood
    in early morning and evening, people fly down these streets at top speeds. it is really dangerous, myself and my dogs have nearly been hit multiple times by people speeding on these side streets when its dark with their windshield undefrosted. slow down! there are kids and pedestrians walking!
  • Mirror needed Archived
    603 Prospect Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115, USA - Downtown
    It would be really beneficial to install a mirror on the light pole outside of Nick's bar across from the Residence Inn/Euclid Block Apartment resident garage exit. There are usually cars parked in front of 668, Titan's gym and Vincenza's right on Prospect and the visibility turning left onto Prospect from the exit is next to impossible. I inch my way out cautiously everyday (trying to avoid pedestrians that I am blocking...). A mirror facing east down Prospect would help I think.
  • Carnegie Ave Cleveland, OH 44113, USA - Tremont
    As a cyclist-commuter, I find myself dodging glass and riding in the car lanes when I must cross these bridges every day.
  • 11508-11598 Mayfield Rd Cleveland, OH 44106, USA - University District
    This bus stop isn't anywhere near a trashcan, so riders end up dropping their trash in and around this area which would be easily fixed with the addition of a trash can.
  • 2408-2498 Holmden Ave Cleveland, OH 44109, USA - Clark Fulton
    After donating plasma people will congregate next to the brick building and do drugs, drink, and urinate without caring who sees them. It's bad enough you have the mass amount of people hanging out at that plasma clinic without the overflow happening in front of our kids
  • Interstate 90 Cleveland, OH 44114, USA - Downtown

    In the left lane, the pavement has a large bump that cars run over just as they are turning around the curve.

    This bump makes my car unstable, and I have to correct my direction each time I go over it.

    I've seen other cars, including ones with back shocks almost loose control going over this bump in the pavement.

    It's been like this for months.

  • Martin Luther King Drive Cleveland, OH - Mt Pleasant
    Martin Luther King Drive. This road is awful. Driving in to the Veterans Hospital starting under the overpass. People with bad back etc it is a very hard ride.
  • 1850 E 105th St Cleveland, OH 44106, USA - Hough
    For the past 3 winters - there is water leaking from the ground on the side of the road causing the right lane traveling up the hill to be slick and dangerous. In bad weather it becomes so covered with snow and ice you can no longer use this lane. The water has eaten away the road causing pot holes to make your summer driving just as pleasant at the winter driving.
  • 5095-5199 Ridge Rd Cleveland, OH 44129, USA - Old Brooklyn
    Ridge Road S (at the 480E & 480W exits) has a new traffic pattern. The traffic lights have been changed with an angled arrow to alert traffic to veer to the left, however the lanes are not marked accordingly! Many near miss accidents!!
  • 1970-2104 Scranton Rd Cleveland, OH 44113, USA - Tremont
    Pot holes, cracks,water leaks, flooding after rain. Flooding with no rain too! A genuine urban survival course!
    Lots of fun now in winter since it freezes up!
  • corner market Archived
    9807 Lorain Ave Cleveland, OH 44102, USA - West Boulevard
    a lot of vagrants that intimidate people.
  • 200th St And St.Clair - Cleveland
    blocking of the intersection coming off 200th st turning right on st.clair. and people on st.clair blocking the turn on 200th st.