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Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2011-04-08

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • West 140th Street And South Marginal Cleveland, Ohio - Kamm's Corner
    The yellow light on the traffic signal for southbound West 140th Street at South Marginal Road is far too short. The yellow light here is only 2.87 seconds long. The speed limit on W. 140th St. is 35 MPH. According to traffic engineering standards, a road with this speed limit should have a minimum yellow light time of 3.5 seconds.
  • Pothole Archived
    3491 Warren Road Cleveland, Ohio - Kamm's Corner
    Pothole in the middle of Warren Road between Munn and Rosemary.
  • 3000-3098 West 140th Street Cleveland, Ohio - Kamm's Corner
    The crosswalk signal at the end of the I-90 westbound ramp to W. 140th St. does not illuminate the "walk" symbol.
  • West 150th And Chatfield Cleveland, Ohio - Kamm's Corner
    Graffiti on the traffic light box here.
  • 4580 Hinckley Parkway Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    Sunken sewer across from Frito-Lay headquarters on east side of road.
  • Deep Pothole Archived
    425 Spring Road Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    Deep pothole right on the Cleveland/Brooklyn Heights border on Spring Road. I'm not sure whose responsibility it is, but it needs patched ASAP.
  • West 117th Cleveland, Ohio - Cudell
    Especially in front of the Wendy's parking lot, and intersections of 117th & Clifton, 117th & Madison, drivers have to slow down to at least 10 mph because there is no way to avoid the DEEP potholes.
  • Potholes Archived
    4544 Hinckley Industrial Parkway Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    Several deep potholes here with exposed rebar. They are getting larger by the day.
  • Potholes Archived
    Grand Army Of The Republic Highway Cleveland, Ohio - Downtown
    About four or five deep potholes with exposed rebar in the far right-hand eastbound lane of the Detroit-Superior Bridge.
  • Potholes Archived
    871-899 West Huron Road Cleveland, Ohio - Downtown
    Deep potholes at the southeast corner of the intersection.
  • Pothole Open
    9901-9985 Clifton Boulevard Cleveland, Ohio - Edgewater
    Deep pothole in the eastbound lane here just before West Blvd.
  • East 185 & Neff Road Cleveland cuyahoga, OH - North Collinwood
    Too many to list but they are deep potholes at East 185 & Neff Road