District 6: Jane Kim

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  • 518 Harrison St San Francisco, CA 94105, USA - Greater Rincon Hill CBD
    This garbage has been here for at least a month. It is an eye sore and seems unsanitary
  • 777-783 4th Street San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Mission Bay
    Scalping/peddling without a permit. They're at the same intersections every single home SF Giants play, yet the police have never done anything.
  • 353 Embarcadero South St San Francisco, CA 94105 - South Of Market
    Last year, a lightpole nearby Epic Roasthouse was clearly backed into by a vehicle - the only vehicles parked up around the area were related to the construction of the new Kuleto restaurants. While the light pole has some wood bracing the pole, it has exposed electrical wiring and is an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful Rincon Park. The Port needs to replace it!
  • Other Archived
    1367 Stevenson Street San Francisco, CA 94103, USA - Mission
    Homeless encampment
  • 315 Hyde St San Francisco, CA 94109, USA - Downtown
    Open air drug dealing all day and night in this Hyde block between Eddy and Ellis.
  • 101 51 Rizal Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Yerba Buena Community Benefit District
    There is a homeless person who constantly sleeps in the doorway of 760 Harrison Street - the Mental Heath Clinic. He is here almost every night and all day on the weekends. He is currently sleeping in front right now. We live at 766 Harrison next door. He and many of the patients use the front of the building as a toilet. This app was recommended by The Captain of the Southern Station at last night's community meeting.
  • 79 Hickory St San Francisco, CA - Civic Center Community Benefit District
    The upper-right window of this SRO from Hickory St. is the best place to get hella drugs, apparently.
  • Market St & 3rd St San Francisco, CA - Financial District

    Traffic calming & ticketing needed. Repeated traffic violations at downtown intersections, stoplight after stoplight, result in traffic jams, gridlock, and incessant traffic noise due to honking: obstructing an intersection, illegal turns, etc. New York City has resolved this with "Don't Block The Box Campaign"--clearly striping intersections, and heavily fining those who flout the law, resulting in jams that disrupt traffic flow for all. Video cameras can auto-ticket offenders. Post signs to warn drivers that violations will be enforced. **Don't proceed into an intersection unless you can pass completely through.**

    This happens on a daily/hourly/minute-by-minute basis during rush hours at downtown SF intersections along Kearny, Montgomery, Sansome, 2nd St, New Montgomery, Market, etc. Balancing the city budget with ticketing here could be easier than shooting fish in a barrel.

    --In this photo, traffic predictably blocks Kearny/3rd Street crossing Market St through a red light; note the driver making the illegal left (on a red light) across Market onto 3rd Street as well.

  • 1366 Natoma St - Mission
    Frequently, there is human feces and the stench of urination on Natoma Street between 15th and 14th Street
  • 388 Beale St San Francisco, CA 94105, USA - Greater Rincon Hill CBD
    Cover for street light electrical wires damaged and exposing wires to element on south side of bridge along Harrison Street (above Beale Street). PUC issue maybe?
  • 4th St And King St San Francisco, California - Mission Bay
    The city needs to consider making the turn onto King St from 4th St a "no right turn on red" light. It's ridiculous how many close encounters I've had with inpatient drivers who can't wait the 20 seconds allotted for pedestrians to cross King St. Someone is going to get hurt maybe even killed there one day.
  • 2nd St. Between Market And Mission - Financial District
    The road heading south on 2nd st. from market to mission is rather rough and bumpy, not fun on a bicycle!