District 6: Jane Kim

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  • 83-99 Gough St San Francisco, CA 94102, USA - Western Addition

    The public (city owned) sidewalks between Page and Rose at Gough Street are are so poorly maintained that they do not offer accessible path of travel to handicapped people cracked and present tripping hazards to everyone the public at large.
    Photo only captures half of the blighted area.

    The City of San Francisco owns the property that borders Rose Gough and Page Street. The city does not maintain this property as it mandates commercial and private property owners.

    This is evidence of city owned neglect and contributes public blight for neighbors and all SF citizens.

  • Stevenson St San Francisco, CA - South Of Market
    10 people sleeping in cold and rain on Stevenson near 13th/Duboce. Both sides of street.
  • Townsend And 4th Street San Francisco, California - Mission Bay
    Every morning, there are bicyclist running the stop sign at the intersection of 5th and Townsend. I have almost been hit as a pedestrian several times. There are also bicyclist on the sidewalk on Townsend approaching 4th Street trying to ride their way into the train station. I've almost been hit several times in both situations.
  • 1187 Market St San Francisco, CA 94103 - South Of Market
    Trees up and down Market Street are being girdled by tree grates
  • 40 Gordon Street San Francisco, CA 94103, USA - South Of Market
    Trash all over the sidewalk and street.
  • Other Archived
    Central Freeway San Francisco, CA 94103, USA - Mission
    Homeless encampment. Blocking the sidewalk on Stevenson/Duboce.
  • South Beach San Francisco, CA, USA - South Of Market
    garbage and encampment is causing odor and very unsafe passage for residents here.
  • 1188-1198 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103, USA - South Of Market
    This is an illegal sign, yet it still remains. Please get this eye sore of the city's view, take down.
  • 450 Embarcadero San Francisco, CA - South Of Market
    There is a growing number of homeless camping out under the bridge on this block. They are setting up tents and semi-permanent structures here. There is an increase of human urine and feces around here also - so definitely a health risk.
  • 599 S Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission
    Gas & Stop has installed loudspeakers on the outside of their building. They use them frequently, and they are very loud, disturbing the neighborhood.
  • 555 Mission Rock Street San Francisco, CA 94158, USA - Mission Bay
    Peddling without a permit. Illegal sale of trademark materials.
  • 16 Langton St San Francisco, CA 94103 - South Of Market
    The area on Langton St. in front of the garden is a constant homeless hangout/party/toilet.