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  • Louisa Street Peekskill, NY - Peekskill
    Huge pothole halfway down the southbound exit ramp for Louisa Street towards East (left) side of lane
  • 11 John Walsh Blvd Peekskill, NY 10566 - Peekskill
    Deep pothole on John Walsh Blvd just after White Plains Linen
  • 40-98 Sun Hill Rd Katonah, NY 10536, USA - Westchester County
    Third Notice: This road is very dangerous and has damaged
    our vehicles.
  • NO Road Left Archived
    Taconic State Pkwy NY - Westchester County
    When will they repave it, its horrendous
  • 149 Red Mill Rd NY 10567 - Westchester County
    this road is filled with potholes and sinking drains on the entire length
  • New York 987g Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA - Westchester County
    Huge pothole right before the bridge starts, where the lanes now narrow. The hole is all the way to the left, actually where the orange line is. This pothole is about 2 feet long about a fot wide and it looks like a foot deep. What makes ths dangerous is that you are forced to move to the left because of the narrowing of the bridge lanes.
  • 86 Woodlands Drive Yorktown Heights NY 10598, USA - Westchester County
    Left hand lane. north bound, numerous pot holes in left hand lane just north of the Underhill Ave. Exit.
  • 1412 Riverview Ave Peekskill, NY - Peekskill
    Streetlight on north side of Riverview, between Maple Ave and Longview, is burned out. Number tag attached to pole is incomplete so cannot refer to it
  • 1701-1725 New York 35 Peekskill, NY 10566, USA - Peekskill
    A series of potholes between Arch St. and Villa Dr. (Villa at the Woods) on Crompond Rd.
  • Taconic State Pkwy NY - Westchester County
    Massive pot-holing on all 3 lanes southbound from Yorktown just after crossing the bridge.
  • 1346 Maple Ave - Peekskill
    right hand side
  • 61-79 Red Mill Rd Cortlandt, NY 10567, USA - Cortlandt Manor
    Entire length of Red Mill rd is a disaster. The town of Cortlandt cannot maintain this road when its not winter never mind when it is winter. They keep piecing this road together. If they did it right the first time from end to end they would save themselves a lot of time and money. You take your life into your hands when you drive this road.