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  • Route 9a-Really all of it, Briarcliff/Ossining Hill area, NY - US Congressional District NY18
    There are way too many trucks using 9A. Considering it is treated like a "parkway" trucks need to be prohibited, or at least prohibited during rush hours. They go up the hill at 5 miles an hour, sometimes riding in both lanes. There is something wrong with the light at 134, so traffic tends to back up all the way down the hill, halfway to the train station exit.
  • 1100-1114 Croton Dam Road Yorktown Heights, New York - Westchester County
    Croton Dam Rd, between the small red bridge over the reservoir and the intersection with Aqueduct Rd, is littered with potholes. Because the road is so narrow and curvy, you can't always avoid them. They are worst at the 3-way intersection with Aqueduct Road. The road is also in poor condition where the pumping station and bridge is located.
  • Westbrook Dr Cortlandt, NY 10567, USA - Westchester County
    The traffic light on Rt 6 heading westbound at the entrance to the Cortlandt Town Center (at McDonalds) goes red much more often than it needs to. There is apparently some sort of sensor in the parking lot of the glass place on the north side of 6 that gets tripped too often, causing the traffic signal for people going westbound on 6 to be red when it doesn't need to be. I've reported this to the DOT and no one ever fixes it. It causes a dangerous situation because traffic heading down the hill on 6 has to stop and gets backed up for absolutely no good reason.
  • 1835-1847 Hanover St Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA - Yorktown Heights
    Giant Pot hole on Hanover in Yorktown. Felt like a sewer cover was off and I hit the hole it left.
  • 3099-3399 New York 35 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA - Westchester County
    in with many not so deep holes along the seam on the drivers side is a tire buster
  • 3407 Lexington Ave Mohegan Lake, NY 10547, USA - Westchester County
    large pot hole
  • 1834 Crompond Rd Peekskill, NY 10566 - Westchester County
    100's of Potholes Rt.202 between Dayton Lane and Conklin Ave.
  • Lockwood Ave cortlandt manor - Lake Mohegan
    Road is riddled with pot holes, bad repairs, etc. This street is in dire need of a resurface job. no more patches it is horrible, must be one of the worst streets I have to drive in the area.
  • 63-65 7 Bridges Rd Chappaqua, NY 10514, USA - New Castle
    One side of the road is all potholes. You have to drive on the opposite side. The county owns the road and not the Town of New Castle. Therefore the county neglects the area. They repaired the a part of the road last year but dont know why they never finished the entire road?!
  • East bound lane between 9a and taconic, severe potholes.
  • Bear Mountain State Pkwy Cortlandt Manor, NY - Cortlandt Manor
    Yet again in only a couple of months apart another severe accident happened on this curve. Too many people are driving way to fast and crossing the double yellow coming into oncoming traffic and hitting cars head-on causing extremely bad accidents.
  • 27-31 Trolley Rd Cortlandt, NY 10567, USA - Cortlandt Manor