Manomet and the Pinehills

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  • Traffic Light Archived
    State Road/ Manomet Point Rd Manomet, MA - Manomet
    Put a traffic light in Manomet Center!
  • Pilgrims Hwy Plymouth, MA 02360, USA - US Congressional District MA10
    A good portion of Rte. 3 is riddled with potholes with chunks of rock kicking up from under cars and especially trucks.
  • 5-15 Taylor Ave Manomet, MA 02360, USA - Manomet
    The dunes of White Horse Beach are being eroded away due to foot traffic of beach goers, no protective fencing and very small do not walk on dunes signs.
  • Taylor Ave Plymouth, Massachusetts - Manomet
    I live off of Taylor ave and it has been the worst road to drive on since as far back as I can remember. I have seen plenty of places get repaved multiple times in the span of a few years. I have lived in Plymouth for 14 years and the extent of the work done on Taylor Ave was literally just some tar strips hastily put down on the cracks in the road (this was 4 years ago)
    The road NEEDS to be repaved. It has coined the term "Taylor Lake" amongst my neighbours due to the ridiculous flooding that occurs in the giant, bowl-like craters in the road. I don't understand how this hasn't been addressed. Any car that drives over it gets a harsh jostling around and its actually physically uncomfortable at this point.
  • 177 Taylor Avenue White Horse Beach, ma - Manomet
    Taylor Ave has been on your books now for more than 5 years to be repaved. The road is in a very bad state with the bridge ready to fall in. When is this to be addressed and taken care of?
  • Taylor Avenue Plymouth, MA - Manomet
    The dunes that protect all residents of Taylor Ave. from high seas are constantly stepped on because there is no fence on the beach side of the dunes. Most people in the dunes are using it as their bathroom. We have called for years to various representatives to have this problem fixed and to also get proper signage to make it clear you should not enter into the dunes, but nothing has ever been done!
  • 2-34 Manomet Avenue Plymouth, Massachusetts - Manomet
    Both Manomet Ave and Old Beach Road have many deep
    potholes. They are dangerous for both pedestrians and cars!
  • Potholes! Archived
    Arboretum Road Plymouth, Ma - Manomet
    Entire street needs to be repaved, street crumbling. Comcast needs to stop parking heavy commercial vehicles on this road.
  • 188 Bartlett Rd. Plymouth, MA - Manomet

    Hi Elderly women needs her walk and driveway shoveled to allow for community support staff continue their services. Any help is most appreciated.

    Thank You


  • Diamond Street Plymouth, MA - Manomet
    Diamond st has become an extremely dangerous road for its residents, expecially children..people are SPEEDING..we need help to keep our children safe!!
  • speeding Archived
    Bartlett Road plymouth, MA - Manomet
    cars go too fast on bartlett road. road is too narrow. need to lower the speed limit and monitor it... or we need sidewalks
  • Ship Pond Road (3a End) Manomet, MA - Manomet
    Portion of roadway between 3A and Old School House Rd, floods badly in several areas during moderate to heavy rains or snow melt